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Posted 14 September 2008 - 11:03 AM


Now that our XTX has arrived we'll get to work.....

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Rebecca's pumped to kick my arse on her new XTX, and with early reports floating around the net of the lower than advertised Dragon 800SP HP #'s she will most likely give us a go to 60-70+ mph. The NYTRO XTX in all reports is pushing a solid 136-138HP as crated and the 144" track proved during Snow Check tests to stay with the short track version all the way to top end in head to head Drags. We'll see what we can do to lighten the load and get this sled hooking great for the trail with some industry leading products.

After taking the time to look this XTX over from bumper to bumper I can honestly say our last 2 stroke sled will be the new Dragon 800SP that's also on the way for testing

The first thing we'll change on the XTX is the stock Handguards and a Big Thank you to Terry , Randy and all the great people at POWERMADD for sending us up their new BLUE/WHITE Star Series Guard set with mirror option ( we'll show the mirror option pics in a bit ).


All the great POWERMADD products are available through www.sled-werx.com so please email in your part #'s with your full ship to address and contact # for support.

NOTE - Yamaha has really done a great job in recent years in providing superior quality lightweight accessories and the new handgaurds that come stock on the XTX are a great example. We won't save any weight in this department making this change to POWERMADD, but we felt the POWERMADD guards will give the sled a more racier look. We'll shed some weight elsewhere to make up for it.

weights with mounts as recorded on digital scale ( not including mirror kit on Powermadd units )

Yamaha - approx 6 oz
Powermadd - approx 7 oz

Note in the pictures below we went with Option 4 on the install chart to push the Powermadd gaurds out far enough to where we felt they would be effective

The Blue / White Star series IN STOCK run $59.99 CAD ( including mount kit )
Mirror Sets IN STOCK run $26.99 CAD

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Posted 14 September 2008 - 01:28 PM

SLYDOG jumps in to help out

One of the major complaints of last years NYTRO models was the handling of the front end. A number of changes were made to correct this and even though early Spring testing confirmed a vast improvement over the 08 models, we personally feel an upgrade in skis was in order

stock ski's shown below, and although they look great in black with blue loops we know theyr'e not the best fit for handling and we like tricking stuff out so... they're outta here!

Attached Image: post-1-1221415936.jpg

Although light for their overall size at approx 7lbs 12oz 44" long and 5" wide , the stock carbides on the Yamaha ski's are only 3" , in our opinion that wouldn't steer you clear of a drunken elephant.

Attached Image: post-1-1221416085.jpg

SLYDOG to the rescue

Attached Image: post-1-1221416128.jpg

Special thanks to Brandon, Jessica and all the good people associated with SLYDOG skis. We sold a ton of these skis last year and never had a single complaint. From rider reviews we felt for our PROJECT XTX this would be a wise choice and I'm sure this new addtion to Rebecca's sled will find her an expert carver in no time. ( now, if I could just get her to carve a Turkey!! ) Make sure to check out all the great ski options with colors/loops/mounting brackets and styles ( POWDERHOUND/RACE/TRAIL ) at


All the great SLYDOG products are available through www.sled-werx.com so please email in your part #'s with your full ship to address and contact # for support.

Shown in Comparison pic below - our SLYDOG "Trail" kit weighed in - approx 7 lbs 6 oz so we just made up for the Powermadd guards L!
NOTE: although reports of the XTX being the same overall length of a standard 128" Firecat are dead accurate, these sleds are a tight fit on a 10' enclosed trailer. With the addition of these ski's you will have to be careful if running in a similar trailer.

Attached Image: post-1-1221416584.jpg

Note - both Yamaha and SLYDOG skis were weighed complete with mounting hardware and carbides ( stock on the Yamaha, Shaper Bar 6" on the SLYDOG )

Attached Image: post-1-1221416642.jpg

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Our choice to go with STUD BOY Shaper Bars was a no-brainer, anyone who has ever put these on a snowmobile I'm sure would agree. The only complaint we heard when using them on the SLYDOG is that the very front edge hangs down a bit too far ( as shown in second picture below ). Ours aren't securely wrenched down yet so what we're showing is a bit exaggerated but you get the point. We'll grind the edge of ours back a little later and show you the difference ( right now it's all about BLING L! )

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Posted 14 September 2008 - 06:51 PM

If there's one thing we're big on here at 2KOOL Performance it's making things look better than new which usually starts with polishing and we do it by hand, Old School style. Although we'll wet sand down our Dragon when it arrives, we still wanted to bring things to a shine on Rebecca's ride so we'll polish up everything that doesn't see boot soles for her.

As always our in-house ( always in stock ) BUSCH Super Shine Aluminum polish gets the nod for polish of choice.

Here's some examples - we'll get at the tunnel here shortly, there's a bunch of stuff that has to come off the back of the tunnel area to do this job right.

BUSCH polish in stock $17.99 per bottle ( 16 fl oz )

Attached Image: post-1-1221436249.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1221436275.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1221436260.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1221436347.jpg

We'll be getting at the tunnel soon but here's an example pic of just how powerful the BUSCH polish is. This pic below shows a spot rubbed 'by hand' with some liquid Busch polish on a soft cloth then buffed with another clean piece of flannel towel - not even wet sanded, so imagine how 'that' looks if you take the extra time to wet sand

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Posted 18 September 2008 - 09:14 PM

New SLED-WERX Racing 'Nytro Collar'

Anyone can sell parts and anyone can throw a sled together, but we like to be 'different', and we like to share our interests with our clients. Our online PROJECT FXR F7 custom build was a huge success becoming the fastest stock motored F7 to ever be recorded on Stalker Radar. Allot was learned during that build and allot was shared with our valued clients all across North America , most important were the products we brought positive attention to - this new SLED-WERX Racing 'Nytro Collar' will be the first product we introduce to the industry during this build and we think our Nytro Clientele are going to 'dig' it! Made from 6061 Billet Aircraft Aluminum our triple plated Chrome Nytro Collar brings a sinister edge to Rebecca's ride and she's all smiles! We think it's going to turn a few heads on the trails this winter.

We're taking orders on this new product
please send your info to sales@2koolperformance.ca

only $84.99 CAD
I've spent more on a lapdance

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Posted 18 September 2008 - 10:02 PM

Our local Yamaha Dealer KNAPP'S Yamaha has made this new XTX purchase a blast so far and a big thanks again to Ron who's always doing what he can to help out with pricing so give them a call!
(613)925 5149 ron.knapp@sympatico.ca

We surely have you covered when it comes to High Performance/Aftermarket parts ATV to TOP FUEL but if you need any of the OEM Yamaha goodies you see here give Ron a call/email.

We mention polishing above and this pic of or new YAMAHA snow flap in Blue is a give away to where our polishing on this sled is at. We were trying to keep it under wraps but .... As far as the snow flap goes we think the BLUE is a good replacement for the stock Black flap that came with our sled so thanks again Ron for getting this item in quickly for us! Can anyone else 'smell snow?' - I can!

Yamaha BLUE snow flap part # - K7595-00-BL

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Posted 18 September 2008 - 10:15 PM

The stock windshield on our XTX looked good but we felt it looked a bit whimpy and it surely wouldn't have given much if any wind protection so...- Knapp's Yamaha to the rescue and our new short Gloss Black shield which isn't any taller but a bit wider than the stock one it replaces looks like it will force air out and away from the rider a bit more - ( ok scrap that, it just looks meaner! )

Yamaha part # 8GL96-1-GB

Stock XTX shield weighs 14 oz , New windshield weighs 12 oz

Attached Image: post-1-1221793871.jpg

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Posted 21 September 2008 - 08:09 PM

The response to our New "NYTRO COLLAR" ( shown above ) has been Excellent! - so thank you!
Please be patient as we have runs of this new product coming all fall to keep up, we'll get your orders to you just as soon as we can.

Back to polishing!

We're not going to wet sand the tunnel of our PROJECT XTX , but things are looking better. The results shown here anyone can achieve as we did by simply rubbing the BUSCH polish with a soft flannel cloth and then buffing with a clean flannel cloth. No power tools are necessary when you use BUSCH Super Shine Aluminum Polish. The more times you repeat the better the shine as it continually tries to flatten the metal ( which is why we wet sand to start with a completely flat base metal surface)

here's some shots.

Attached Image: post-1-1222045652.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1222045664.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1222045677.jpg
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Posted 23 September 2008 - 06:08 PM

how many hours does it take to polish to this shine

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Posted 23 September 2008 - 06:51 PM

well..... the spot on the tunnel where it shows my finger ( 3 picks up ) took all of about 30 seconds , so times that demensionally by the length of the tunnel

or 2.5 Coor's light per side with AC/DC blaring in the background

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Posted 23 September 2008 - 08:38 PM

so spenc...haven't heard your opinion yet on the new AC/DC??? BTW sled looks great!

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Posted 23 September 2008 - 10:56 PM

Thanks... If DTR's dyno session shows favorable HP #'s ( see what was/is advertised by POLARIS ) on the Dragon 800SP, we'll be massaging that one here shortly.

AC/DC - what can you say, they've been kick'n a$$ for decades and still going strong! Will have that cranked in my helmet blistering up the trials this season for sure!!

Runaway Train - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SXkjcPf23M

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Posted 24 September 2008 - 10:58 PM

If there's one negative so far to this sled it's the innability to buff the plastics up without making them look worse. Our tank ( just above the seat ) had some swirl marks in it that wouldn't come up so we added a
PROGRIP Tank Protector ( part # 42102 - Carbon Fiber )

Attached Image: post-1-1222315224.jpg Attached Image: post-1-1222315232.jpg

Might not be the 'cure-all' , but it takes your eyes off the marks we couldn't bring out on the plastics. Rebecca likes so that 'werx'

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Posted 27 September 2008 - 09:59 PM

Not saving any weight but adding some BLING to Rebecca's ride is the YAMAHA Billet Aluminum Fuel Cap ( part # FUELC-BI-LT ). Thanks again to Ron Knapp at KNAPP'S Yamaha in Prescott, Ontario for filling our requests for genuine Yamaha OEM parts & accessories.

These KooL fuel caps come in brushed billet aluminum and weigh a hefty 9 full oz's . We spent about 15min's polishing ours up with some BUSCH polish and here are the results. cheers.gif

Attached Image: post-1-1222570633.jpgAttached Image: post-1-1222570651.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1222570661.jpgAttached Image: post-1-1222570673.jpg

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Posted 30 September 2008 - 07:51 AM

Looks wicked Spence yamaha_rules.gif

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Posted 30 September 2008 - 10:41 AM

It's coming along - sending off a back skid bracket to Timbersled Products today , we're trying to shed about 40lbs off the entire sled with a new to be released TIMBERSLED XTX MOUNTAIN TAMER rear skid bracket kit with FOX Racing shocks

when the sled is done, we'll have it out in the community for test rides
( we'll bring the breathalizer L! )

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Posted 06 October 2008 - 08:13 PM

Back at it thanks to Brandon Bunker at SLYDOG . We mentioned to Brandon we thought a swap from black tips to blue might fit our PROJECT XTX build and WHAM, parts arrive!

thanks again to SLYDOG!

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Posted 16 October 2008 - 08:31 PM


When it comes to sled graphic's our bro Jordan Yankee over at ArcticFX has us covered! Jordan always wants to go wild with all his great ideas but we decided to keep Rebecca's PROJECT XTX tame which Jordan tweeked a little for us with some number plates, registration #'s, larger Yamaha text and some SLED-WERX Racing graphics. When done we think what Jordan helped us with added a more racey look to this sled so we thank him once again for his support. Jordan also does up all our SLED-WERX Racing decals that we ship out with product and will be helping us shortly with out PROJECT DRAGON 800SP build.

Make sure to check out all the wild custom graphics kits they have available by visiting ArcticFX online
at the link provided here -

Attached Image: post-1-1224206984.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1224207006.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1224207015.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1224207024.jpg

Thanks again Jordan!
U rock

#18 ArcticFX


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 08:06 AM

great looking Nytro Spenc...keep up the great work. You projects always turn out top notch bro!

#19 gotaf7


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Posted 31 October 2008 - 09:56 PM

Have you put that Nytro on your new scales?

#20 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 01 November 2008 - 07:32 AM

no, not yet we were more concerned with the Dragon's weight because the HP # on shipped SP's were down. But we most likely will weigh the XTX. Just waiting on Timbersled to workout that rear suspension - either way we'll get it weighed and show the weight as from Dealer to consumer here in this thread before and if the new suspension is a go. ( would change back the stock ski's etc to be more accurate )

welcome to the site

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Posted 01 November 2008 - 09:18 AM

Thanks Spenc I am looking at a few different sleds right now the Nytro being one of them kinda concerned about the weight dealer calims they are within 10 lbs ready to ride compared to a Xfire 800r but when I try lifting it seems much heavier.

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Posted 13 November 2008 - 10:06 PM

Attached Image: post-1-1226631932.jpg

One of the biggest complaints about the NYTRO lineup is pre-mature slide wear, and plenty of it. For that reason as well as hearing so many great rider reviews on the new CAMOPLAST "Cobra" tracks we knew a phone call was imminent! We would like to thank Bruce Dashnaw at CAMOPLAST for once again supporting what we do here with our SLED-WERX Racing division's FROZEN THUNDER Forums and that is helping others through the positive promotion of products that work!

CAMOPLAST sends us the new COBRA 15" x 144" fully clipped track part # 9107H and we'll be sure to put that to good use during extensive testing this season.

Attached Image: post-1-1226631774.jpg

We feel beyond the obvious lug advantages of this track for off trail performance the fact that it is fully clipped whereas the stock XTX RIPSAW is clipped only every 3rd bar, that our slides shouldn't heat up as much. We actually proved on STALKER RADAR that reducing clips provided more mph however there was far more heat build up along the rails with fewer clips for the slides to 'slide' on.

Track comparisons are shown below where you can see why this new COBRA track is a consumer favorite! This is not taking anything away from the RIPSAW however we feel both tracks have their advantages and in this case where we want our XTX build to pull like a BEAR - the new COBRA track should prove to be more beneficial for us. Of course we're going to poke it full of some nasty WOODY'S products as well so , get wrenchin ApexAl, we're gonna want a hunk of you in 50-100' heads up duals this winter tongue_nana.gif yamaha logo.jpg

Thanks again Bruce, we appreciate CAMOPLAST's support of our project builds.

Attached Image: post-1-1226631900.jpgAttached Image: post-1-1226631885.jpg

Make sure to check out all the great CAMOPLAST Tracks by following the link below and remember we're here to provide excellent sales and service for these great products through our www.sled-werx.com division.


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Posted 15 November 2008 - 09:31 AM

Given we're making this track swap we now have the stock 144" x 15" Ripsaw ( clipped every 3rd ) part # 9923 available for anyone interested $449 CAD

- zero miles on track

please email sales@2koolperformance.ca if interested

thank you

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Posted 27 November 2008 - 02:25 PM


Special thanks to Tony Coffield at CARLISLE Belts for his support of our
PROJECT XTX build. Tony's sent us up some ULTIMAX XS805 belts to work over so we'll be sure to report back our findings later on in the season. CARLISLE Snowmobile Belts have been supporting us for years and we greatly appreciate thier interest in what we do here at 2KOOL Performance.

These belts can be found on our www.sled-werx.com page so if you need help just shoot us an email

Thanks again Tony! thumbsup2.gif

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 09:25 PM

FOX Racing Shocks

One of the areas we wanted to improve on with our PROJECT XTX build was with the front suspension shocks. With the new release of the FOX "Float 2" series now available it was time to grab a set (part #850-12-207). We're hoping to save a bit of weight here over the Stock GYTR HPG piggyback units
( no miles, brand new and now FOR SALE only $300 CAD ).

We'll throw the new FLOAT 2 units on over the weekend and provide weight and picture comparisons. The Blue FOX shock guards should look decent to boot!

All the FOX Racing Shocks lineup are available through us here SLED-WERX Racing so please email for price quotes ( please provide part #'s per application when inquiring for pricing help )

Thanks to FOX for their continued support thumbsup2.gif


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Attached Image: post-1-1228271011.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1228271027.jpg

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 06:07 PM


Time to stud our New CAMOPLAST Cobra track and for high performance trail that meant a call to our friends at WOODY's. We chose the WOODY's Mega Bite stud option for our 144" track along with 171 WOODY's Aluminum 1/2" Big Nuts, and 171 WOODY's 7 degree angled Aluminum Backer plates. We want to thank WOODY's Traction Products for their continued support and encourage everyone to check out all their industry leading products at http://www.wiem.com/home.aspx

All the great WOODY's traction products are available through us here SLED-WERX Racing so please email for price quotes ( please provide part #'s per application when inquiring for pricing help )

Thanks again Rick thumbsup2.gif

We chose the 7 degree WOODY's lightweight aluminum backer plates from past testing which proved their superior ability to increase penetration/traction. Past testing also proved that if you can take the time to index the studs so that in each row all flat sides of these studs align together they will work better - creating a shovel effect rather than just throwing them in and not paying attention to the angles/sides of the studs

Attached Image: post-1-1228694201.jpg

In this first pick you have the WOODY's easy to use template and for this sled build we'll follow it pretty close only making a few adjustments/alterations to shift some studs around for more scratch lines.
Attached Image: post-1-1228690999.jpg

The second pick shows all the studs placed in the Cobra track ready to be indexed. We're coming for you Apex Al
Attached Image: post-1-1228691018.jpg

This last pics shows where we've taken the time to line up all the edges along the rows which we feel is very important for this particular stud design.

Attached Image: post-1-1228691037.jpg

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Posted 10 December 2008 - 10:51 PM

While we're waiting on ice and a chance to get the Dragon sled project on 'the fly', it was time to change out the stock Ripsaw 144x15 1.25" track for our new CAMOPLAST COBRA track. Pretty much straight forward other than the reverse linkage in the chain case which is tricky. Our NEW ( zero miles ) stock track is now up for grabs for only $449 CAD. Please email us at sales@2koolperformance.ca if interested.

here's a helpful link

Attached Image: post-1-1228967342.jpg

Even though Yamaha put a splash plate in under the speedo cable this year to help with the "wet LEFT FOOT" Nytro issue, we opted to add some extra protection with some silicone, hopefully it will help.

Attached Image: post-1-1228967367.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1228967407.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1228967469.jpg

We opted to use the rear stock outside idlers for a 4th wheel kit by cutting our stock shaft, then added the new Yamaha billet wheels and sliders thanks to Knapp's Yamaha in Prescott. For the Rear axle wheels you'll need part # SMA-BILWH-TF-LG , for the side rail smaller idlers you'll need part # SMA-BILWH-TF-SM
Give Ron at Knapp's a call - he'll treat you right on these OEM part 613 925 5149

While we're at tweeking the suspension it was time to add the new FOX Float 2 shocks and shock guards. We found a full 5lb per side weight savings over the stock GYTR HPG piggyback units so that's a quick 10lbs off the front of our project sled - Bonus! thumbsup2.gif

Attached Image: post-1-1228968304.jpg

Attached Image: post-1-1228968290.jpg

Make sure to check out all the FOX shocks we carry on our www.sled-werx.com page.We provided the lowest price in Canada on FOX Racing Shocks.

Attached Image: post-1-1228969018.jpg

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Posted 15 December 2008 - 09:25 PM

The sled's pretty much ready to rock here we're just waiting on one more piece to come in from another vendor/sponsor. New Track with studs , wheels and slides are in thanks to CAMOPLAST, WOODY'S, and KNAPP's Yamaha in Prescott Ontario. We'll clean the sled up this week and shoot some final pics out on some snow ( fingers crossed we start getting more )

Attached Image: post-1-1229394249.jpg

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 09:58 PM

HAUCK Power Sports

Attached Image: post-1-1229568315.jpg

Our new exhaust arrived thanks to HAUCK Power Sports. We would like to thank Titas at Hauck who is always great to deal with for our clients. This New NYTRO "Husher" single exhaust weighed in at 6 lbs 5os compared to the stock muffler that weighed 12 lbs 5oz , between the silencer and the Fox Shocks we've saved 16 lbs on the sled. We'll say this, it's not quiet! - for anyone looking for a more aggressive sound out of their NYTRO with great weight savings, this is the ticket!

product details - http://www.hauckpowersportsinc.com/pages/c...le-exhaust.aspx

Make sure to check out all the Hauck Power Sports products. We carry their full line here in Canada.


Thanks again Titas, Pat and all the great people at HAUCK Power Sports thumbsup2.gif

Attached Image: post-1-1229568984.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1229569011.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1229569038.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1229569060.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1229569080.jpg

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Posted 20 December 2008 - 04:12 PM

Our PROJECT XTX is finally completed for this season, put together with the best names in the business we thank all our supporters/sponsors and hope everyone has a great and safe winter!

see you on the trails! thumbsup2.gif

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