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How to hook up a Monster Tach

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Posted 27 November 2004 - 01:18 PM

This is a very simple install that you can do yourself, without help.

To start, disconnect the battery. This install is very simple, but letís not take chances

Find the spot that you want to mount your Tach, and mark the spot for the two mounting holes.

Next take a self threading screw, or a small drill bit to make some pilot holes.

Next would be figure out what pieces of the dash need to be removed or loosened to hide all the wires.

You will need to find an Acc wire so that when you turn your key on, you have power to that wire. A close one you can tap into is the one used for your stereo, or go directly from the steering column.(See my other thread on Stereo Wiring Color Codes) Another trick is to get a $0.50 jumper from Canadian Tire and tie into the windshield wipers at the fuse panel. Just use a test light to figure out what side has power when the key is on.

You will need to find a suitable ground. Again you can use an existing ground from the stereo, or Chassis ground if you prefer.

The next wire is the Power for the Tachís back lighting. I tapped into my ash tray panel light. It is relatively easy to get to, and you only have to run a few feet to get to it. Basically you can tap into any wire that gets power when you turn on your park lights/headlights.

The final wire to hook up is the Negative Coil wire. This being the one wire that most people get confused with. This wire is what will make your Tach read the Engine RPM.
It is the Green and Yellow striped wire on your coil. The one closest to the fender.

Please note the attached picture to see what side to tap into.

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