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RXP -X260 2012-2013
Stage 3 kit part#RS-RPM-RXPX260-3
SITE SPECIAL only $5599
add rear exhaust #RS15110 for
only $299

SOLAS Prop Special SRZ-CD-15/20R ( Sea-Doo ) HOT PRODUCT
Lowest Price in Canada, Show us your BEST PRICE we destroy it!

GATORBAK Synthetic Bunk Covers

Soft Synthetic material rated for ALL hull types.
example pricing:
1 Kit (2) Bunk Covers, (4) End caps, All Stainless Steel Hardware. Black - 1.50" H x 3.50"W x 8' L
$175 CND


Power Adders - Powerboats
Performance Marine Products installed locally! Call for appointments!
(613) 925-4015



We provide all Marine Supercharger Products!
example pricing:
3psi ( 580HP) to 5psi (625 HP) unit for Mercruiser® 496
part #1MG182-NN
only $5499 CAD
reg $5999

Procharger M-1SC 12 Rib Supercharger on 509 Merlin Crate Motor

Hardin Marine
call for unmatched pricing on your specific application!

example pricing:


Cyclone Sound Select Headers
part # 620-32040 for 496
only $ EMAIL for pricing
(shown bottom LEFT )

This is one of the easiest horsepower enhancing exhaust systems available today! For boats currently using a switch-able exhaust diverter system, this was designed to replace MerCruiser big block silent choice systems. This system will save up to 80 lbs. compared to cast iron ones. Oil filter, shift control, ECU brackets, gaskets, and bolts included.
NOTE: Must provide port hole measurement at time of order ( from girdle studs should be 27 1/4 dead center for proper fitment )
2 week production time on headers, built to order

CMI 454/502 Direct Mercruiser Replacement
E-Top Exhaust System, Polished 
#650-13185 only $EMAIL for pricing CND

All CMI Systems are sold without Talipipes

The CMI 454/502 E-Top Header Kit is a a true plug and play system. There is no need to purchase additional custom pipes. These are a direct replacement for your stock 454/502 engine. CMI headers offer more water jacketed protection than your stock exhaust can provide. CMI uses the same high quality semi-automated process on these headers as with the entire product line. These headers are fully post annealed to reduce stresses built up in the header during the manufacturing process. Best of all, 454/502 E-Top headers are made to last, they are mandrel bent and formed from hight quality 316L grade material. There are no parts to crack, all CMI collectors are forged from American made Stainless Steel.


CMI Gen-X Replacement Headers for HP525EFI, HP600SCi & HP700SCi Engines 
#650-13020 only $EMAIL for pricing CND

The new design increases water fill keeping the headers full at all time, creating cooler temperatures, which leads to improved longevity and a little extra horsepower.
Featuring more equalized primaries for improved performance, the straight-back headers with downturn collectors work with existing tailpipes and are easy to install. Constructed of quality 316L domestic stainless steel makes for one tough header with a sleek stylish look


Replacement Aluminum Exhaust Kit - Small Block Chevy 
#0654 100 $779

Replacement Aluminum Exhaust Kit - Big Block Chevy 
#0654 200 $879

These are complete kits with all the bolts and gaskets needed for assembly. The manifolds and risers are constructed from 356-T6 aluminum and powder-coated black.


SMALL BLOCK VERSION: These stock replacement aluminum manifolds use “LPC” or “Low Pressure Casting”. LPC is a casting method that uses the pressure of inert gas to force the molten liquid metal from the bottom of the holding pot through a riser pipe into the tooling mold directly above. After the casting cools and solidifies, the pressure is reduced. The pressure applied usually does not exceed 1.0 bar, hence “low pressure casting”. The technology of “Lost Foam” casting is carried out by gravitational force (0.0689 bar, 1 atmosphere pressure) while LPC is done by pressurizing the molten liquid metal, usually at around 0.3 ~ 0.8 bar, 4.35~11.6 atmosphere pressure. LPC can be carefully controlled to eliminate porosity in the casting wall. This is because the molten metal becomes denser as it is squeezed into the mold by pressure, thus preventing gas bubbles and inclusions. The results are as superior as those produced by forging (manifolds can not be produced by forging). The LPC method allows for improved filling of thin-walled parts and large areas of tooling.

Outboard Marine Power Reeds
Faster Starts! No more sitting and cranking while the other guys are heading to your honey hole ( and we don't mean you wife )
example pricing:
- Merc/Mariner 150/175/200 EFI/Carb '96 & up ( #26413 ) $225
- Merc 200 DFI/Optmx '97 &up, 225 DFI/Optmx '98 &up *DFI ONLY* (#266PD) $259

Basic and 'Total Performance' Marine Ignition packages
example pricing:
Big Block Chevy
Basic Perf Pack #1205100 $839

Total perf Pack #1206100 $999

Hardin Marine

Wet Sump Hi-Capacity Oil Pans

example pricing:
Big Block Gen 5 & 6 #7558122 $929

Keith Eickert Performance Products 11 quart oil pan is cast from 356-T6 aluminum alloy for superior strength and integrity. We then add an exclusive race proven windage tray that prevents oil foaming due to crankshaft windage in the pan and helps build more horsepower. A high volume oil pump pickup, dipstick tube assembly and mounting hardware are included





1-1/4" Propshaft Conversion Kit 
#527-400 $799

TIRED OF BREAKING 1” PROP SHAFTS? CHANGE TO THE BIG SHAFT FOR THE RIGHT PRICE! This conversion kit has all the parts that you will need to change your Bravo One, 1” prop shaft to a 1-1/4” prop shaft using you gear set! You don’t need to buy a new gear set! In most cases you can install this kit without removing the drive or taking the lower case apart. This kit comes complete with conversion shaft & carrier kit.

Performance Props
Contact us for unmatched Canadian Pricing on any Prop made - From Poker Runs to Bass Tournaments we'll get you OUT FRONT for LESS!
example pricing SOLAS
17, 19, 21 & 23 pitch GEN 2 & ALPHA
1511 Series 200-225 HP 4-Stroke
( 3 blade ) only $169
( 4 blade ) only $185

stainless (3 blade) only $459
stainless (4 blade) only $459


example pricing HUSTLER
14 3/4 x 19 pitch
( 3 blade ) only $175
MASTERGUARD interchangeable Hub Kit


SIGNATURE Propellers

8 blade props for Mercruiser Bravo III /Zues drives / Yanmar ZT350
only $579









Hydromotive Nose Cones
example pricing
1990+ Merc Hi Speed Bravo
#711-HC-MC1BHS $136

Hydromotive nose cones feature improved acceleration, improved boat attitude and possible speed gains of 2 to 8 MPH. High aspect ratio eliminates blow out
Accessories & Styling - Powerboats
Hardin Marine
Throttle/Shifter Controls
available in natural/polished or power coat

example pricing:
2 trim botton polished unit #620521121

only $1229
The World's Finest Controls Are Now Stronger, Smoother And Have More Features Than Any Other Control Available
LIVORSI Throttles

email with your part #'s
example pricing:
TH22CH ( chrome for twins )

only $1195


Bob's Jack Plates
Both Manual and Hydraulic
the best plates made - Period!
Hydraulic Transom Jack Plate pricing:
4" Ultra 115HP $939
4" HD Ultra 300HP $939
6" Lightweight 300HP $939
8" Setback 300HP $1049
10" Max 300HP $1075

find elsewhere cheaper, show us we'll beat it!

Call for Manual Jack Plate Pricing
Example Manual Jack Plate pricing:
6" set back Versa series-200-300HP $415

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience - email today!

Mini Series Manual Jack plates
for inflatables, etc

Narrow Version ( for mounting surfaces no more than 10" wide ) only $349

Standard Version ( has BIA bolt pattern - for mounting pads up to 14" ) only $379



10" Hydraulic Jack Plate Special

Standard only $999
Action Jack ( built in pump ) only $1075

add guage kit to either of the above for only $189

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience
- email today!

Hardin Marine

Mayfair Single Bravo/Single Ram Add-On Hydraulic Steering Kit
1 CY #137 9410 $1349

Mayfair Single Bravo/Dual Ram Add-On Hydraulic Steering Kit
2 CY #137 9411 $2049

Polished Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder(s)
Polished Stainless Steel End Cap
Stainless Bolt Kit
All Pre-made Stainless Steel Braided Hose Assemblies
One Piece Stainless Thru-Hull Fittings
Stainless Steel Fittings
Installation Instruction Manual

This wing plate steering mount design incorporates dual side links and a single rear load cap that bolt together forming a strong bridge like cradle that provides the ability to mount the wing plate to the boats key attachment points. The rear load cap captures the outdrives rear end cap while the side links attach to the outdrives four mounting points at the Gimbal housing. This arrangement gives additional support for even tighter, firmer steering control.  Best of all there is no disassembly of your outdrives rear end cap (Voids Factory Warranties) and these new systems fit all generations of Bravo outdrives including the new "Slope Back" style.  Generally speaking, it is recommended to use external power steering on boats which run in excess of 70 MPH, however there are some boats that run 60 MPH that would benefit from the use of external power steering.

Available in standard or narrow width 19.5" or 15.5" off crank centerline cylinder mounting.


Hardin Marine
Cyclone Series Hi-Perf Air Operated Transom Mount Silencers


standard Angled Transom Mount Silencer $1249
410-282404 standard Straight Transom Mount Silencer $1249
410-282453 HP Angled Transom Mount Silencers
410-282452 HP Straight Transom Mount Silencers $1349
Hardin Marine
Exhaust Diveters # 620-286100
only $799
At last you can have the very best of both worlds. You can go from marina quiet thru-prop exhaust to the open water roar of thru transom exhaust. With no cutting or modifications these highly polished stainless steel exhaust diverters install simply to both stock and aftermarket exhaust systems. But that's only the half of it. What makes the Hardin Marine Sound-Select Diverter America's No.1 choice is it is air activated
Hardin Marine
4" Angle cut exhauts tips
# 0 410 281402 only $99 each
4" Straight cut exhauts tips ( not shown )
# 0 410 281400 only $99 each
These angle cut tips give a powerful attractive look to any boat They're all 316L stainless steel construction assures a long lasting and beautifully polished tip for years to come All of our tips include flaps.4" models will accept slip in silencers. Sold Each.
Hardin Marine
4" Slip In Silencers
# 0 410 284401 only $149 per pair
These silencers are one of the best values on the market today Their unique louvered design out flows all other imitations with holes These silencers are constructed from 100% stainless steel and their compact 5" length makes them easy to install in most exhaust tips and water injected headers Decibel drops of 8 to 10 are commonly seen Best suited for under 500 horsepower applications.  Sold in pairs.
Stainless Steel "Cool Tube"
Drive Cooling Shower
only $155

Custom MerCruiser Style
Engine Harness
#0 620 08900 $159

Custom MerCruiser Style Engine Harness - This unit is a Mercury style engine plug with 6-ft of unterminated wire extending from it for the do-it-yourself installer.

These wiring harnesses were designed for use in custom engine installations. If you've ever tried to use an original Mercury harness on a custom engine installation you know that all of the wires either aren't located where you need them, or they're the wrong length. And there's so many that end up not being used. We have stepped in to build both a custom harness and a do-it-yourself harness using a factory Mercury style engine plug. Don't suffer from a tangled spaghetti-wire nightmare. Both the custom and universal harnesses are engineered of the highest quality wire, connections, terminals, and components. These systems do not have buzzer capabilities.

Marine Foot Throttles
only $105

slide plate ( shown ) add $40

Foot Trim ( shown far RIGHT )
only $45

The newest safety item.Mounts in floor of boat under console allowing operator to trim engine with foot. Comes prewired with wiring instructions to connect it to existing trim wiring.

Hardin Marine
High Performance Oil Cooler
example pricing:
19" standard #620700 $449

The ultimate oil cooler on the market today! It maintains oil temperature thermostatically and all in one unit. If you suffer from either high oil temperature or even moisture or condensation in your engine oil this is the answer. The oil thermostat is designed to maintain an oil operating temperature between 190 degrees and 215 degrees.
Hardin Marine
Big Block
Chevy Gen 4 "XS" Series
Offshore Oil Pan Kit

example pricing:
10 QRT #620 910520 $629
14 QRT #620 910520 $649
The "XS" Xtreme Series 4-5/8" stroker oil pans are competition tested and race proven. They out perform all other pans available. Each pan starts out jig formed and precision TIG welded, then an exclusive race proven windage tray is added which prevents oil foaming and crankshaft windage, which helps to build more horsepower. Next a high volume oil pump pick-up with a support bracket is added. The entire pan is coated with a hardened aerospace epoxy to resist stains and corrosion. A flexible dipstick is included as well as a stainless steel bolt kit. Designed to clear most front style engine mounts including MerCruiser. A simple comparison of available marine oil pans clearly points out Hardin Marine oil pans are boat lengths ahead of all other oil pans. Run what leading racers worldwide already use - the Hardin Marine "XS" Xtreme Series offshore oil pan
Hardin Marine

Big Block Chevy 10 qt. Stern Drive-Inboard Performance Oil Pan
example pricing:
Gen4 #620 910505 $419
Gen5/6 #620 910507 $419

Marine oil pans are subject to special conditions. Closed engine compartments create a lack of air flowing around the oil pan causing higher oil temperatures, which can destroy the lubricating properties of the oil in low capacity pans. The motion of the boat in the water sloshes the oil in pans that don't have correct baffling. Air is ingested through the oil pick-up resulting in momentary loss of oil pressure. The oil is tossed into the crank, which foams and aerates it. The pounding effect of oil in the pan cause fractures in pans without reinforcement.
The design and construction of Hardin Marine oil pans insures there are no problems, even in the roughest conditions. Here are just a few of the Hardin Marine oil pan features

Hardin Marine

Xtreme Series Valve Cover System, Polished
#0 620 45000 $319


A number of companies have tried to copy this Hardin Marine cover by building sand cast copies. There's a difference if you look at their wavy, pin holed, porous covers you'll see that the Hardin Marine "XS" Xtreme cover is a beautiful die cast cover with no waves and no blemishes. So if you're looking for the best 1-piece cover this is it. This cover has been specially designed to fit marine Big Block Chevy engine with center rise exhaust. Angling one side of the cover helps to access the 2 lower center bolts while maintaining enough valve cover height to run roller rockers and stud girdles. One of the covers has a billet screw in -16 AN oil fill.


Hardin Marine
Xtreme Oil Thermostat
212 degree #6257201 $235

Hardin Marine
Offshore High Perf Sea Strainer - 1" NPT inlet
example pricing:
Left Hand #420 913232 $339
Right Hand #420 913242 $339

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience - email today!
The Hardin Marine Offshore Sea Strainer is made of durable welded 304 stainless steel construction in a brilliant electropolished finish.  The clear-view Lexan lid allows unrestricted visual inspection.  Only basic tools are required for disassembly.  The lid is easily removed for cleaning.  This lightweight design has been tested to over 100 PSI and has been a favorite among world class boat racers for years
Hardin Marine

Intercooler Fine Mesh Sand & Sea Strainer - Remote Mount 
example pricing:
#0 620 4620 $629

This all new, patented Sand Strainer incorporates every easy to use feature imaginable.

The strainer is manufactured from hard anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Each unit features a clear see though body fitted with a self centering base. This unit uses a rugged and durable all stainless steel micron filter element to keep sand and small particles out while still allowing for maximum water flow. The housing offers two pressure ports so that a safety warning light and or pressure gauge can be incorporated. What happens if you actually fill the units to the top with sand well? They thought of that also, this unit feature dual check ball style bypasses built in just like your engines oiling system uses but we saved the best part for last. The entire unit can be serviced in less than a minute. A single function o-ring sealed mounting knob is spun off allowing the filter and body to be removed rinsed and re-installed in one motion. A bulkhead style of mounting bracket is included and an optional supercharger mounting bracket for both roots style 6/71 thru 14/71 and the 3.3l Whipple super charger is available.
CP Performance
Big Block Chevy Water Inlet Crossover Kit with Bypass
#620 300100 $319

This kit represents one of the cleanest installations of a water inlet crossover system found anywhere.  The highly polished 316L stainless steel construction locates all of the necessary hose connections in the perfect location for easy installation.  This system uses a large 1" bypass hose for increased water volume...no tiny 5/8" stuff found here!  Eliminating your power robbing circulating pump has never been easier or more attractive.


CP Performance
Berkeley "A" Master Overhaul Kit
#150-B-06217 $449

To facilitate easier maintenance of your Berkeley pump, Berkeley Jet Drive has created three "Repair / Parts" Kits Each kit is applicable to all Berkeley Jet Drive Models: 12JC, 12JG, 12JE, and 12JF There are many people attempting to sell non-original replacement kits in an attempt to compete price wise They short sell or remove parts to try and compete with factory pricing Don't be mislead, get all that you pay for, demand authentic Berkeley parts!

CP Performance
Complete Replacement Trim Pump - 12V 3-Wire Pump For Late Model Mercruiser Stern Drives
#0 620 3000 $399

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience
- email today!

Worth Supporting!
CP Performance
Replacement Stainless Steel Trim Pump Bracket
#525-17650 $90

The Hardin Marine new replacement Mercury trim pump bracket is a direct replacement. Made from high quality stainless steel this bracket will not rust and rot like factory OEM one.


Don't let this ( BELOW ) happen to you and very easily take out one of your motors and ruin your boating season!


CP Performance

Stainless Steel
"Lifetime" Sea Pump Overhaul Kit
  #625-4178 only $199

The kit includes:

  • O-rings
  • Impeller
  • Stainless Wear Plate
  • Polished Stainless Steel Sea Pump Body
  • Bolts, Nuts & Washers

    Picture at BOTTOM LEFT shows stock cheap plastic casing sea pump ...the internal propeller totally disintegrated into DUST then travels through your engine.... this is one of the most common failures of inboard motors on Fountains/Baja's etc.

Finally a Sea Water Pump repair kit designed to do the job once and for alland will last a lifetime. Hardin Marine has designed an all new 316L stainlesssteel water pump impeller housing to replace the cheap factory plastic style housings used on original equipment applications. These impeller housings won't corrode, erode, or crack and fall apart like original equipment units.

The one piece rear impeller housing features a unique rear housing that has 1" NPT female inlet/outlet ports so that a wide range of fitting and hose connections can be used for ease of installation.

If your looking to do this job once and for all this could possible be the last sea water pump repair kit you ever buy look no further as this is the finest direct replacement sea pump repair kit on the market today.


items listed on this page are only examples of popular items.
We provide THOUSANDS of products for both Marine and Watercraft so just shoot us a part # and we'll be glad to help you here in Canada/Brokerage Free/No Hidden fees

CP Performance
Sport Tech Outdrive Cooling Shower

example pricing:

Bravo/ smooth top cap
#130-1008 $139

XR/ITS/Finned Cap w studs

XR/ITS/Finned Cap w bolts
#130-1017 $159


The advent of sleek modern boat styling has brought the need for a smooth, fitted, exotic styled drive shower. Something that blended seamlessly with today's modern boat styling. But looks were only half of the battle performance is the real reason you purchase a drive shower and through extensive testing we have developed the finest drive shower produced today. First our engineers computer modeled the exact dimensions and size of the bravo out drive. Next we spent dozens of hours studying the water flow characteristics as they entered the drive shower cap to develop a series of water diverters and dams to allow equal water distribution to virtually flood the top of the bravo outdrives factory bearing cap. By retaining the proper tolerance between the shower and the out drive cap we are able to literally wash the heat away from the out drive providing maximum heat reduction. This unit is coupled with our exclusive 80 degree high volume pick up and -10 stainless steel braided hose and best of all its virtually a stunning part in the end. So if you are looking for a shower that’s actually truly engineered to perform there’s only one the Sport Tech shower
Auto Meter
Marine Gauges
example pricing
Pro-Comp Non-Lquid Filled 2 5/8"
Oil Pressure Gauge #865-200759

only $56

Hardin Marine
Marine Gauges
example pricing
white 2" Oil Pressure Gauge

only $46



Marine Gauges
call or email with what you're looking for and we'll be sure to Hook U Up!




Taylor Made
Anchor Shade
only $219
6' x 6'
available in white/pacific blue/red/navy blue/forest green and Sand

All Taylor Made products available!




Marine Electronics

provide part # for pricing
Email is for all your marine electronic needs with any part #'s you need quoting



NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience
- email today!



Marine Electronics
provide part # for pricing

Email is for all your marine electronic needs with any part #'s you need quoting



Marine Electronics
provide part # for pricing
Email is for all your marine electronic needs with any part #'s you need quoting




Marine Electronics
provide part # for pricing
Email is for all your marine electronic needs with any part #'s you need quoting





Minn Kota
Trolling Motors
provide part # for pricing
Email is for all your marine electronic needs with any part #'s you need quoting





only $145 CAD

Now there's a better way to repair lower unit skeg damage. Simply bolt on the SKEGGARD skeg guard right over the damaged skeg. It's quick, it's easy, and it's stronger than the original, so it protects your skeg and propeller from future damage.

email with your specific application


True Tracker- Stabilizer Plate
only $60


  • Quicker hole shot
  • Keeps boat on plane at lower speeds
  • Increases top speed
  • Smooth out ride-helps stop porposing
Keith Eickert
Billet Aluminum Optima Battery Box
part #620-12490 only $145
polished aluminum add $15

Available in - Black, Red, Purple, White, Blue, Teal ( purple shown at LEFT)
The rectangular side post supports are dual pin indexed providing extreme stability in all environments.  These supports are completely machined from from one solid piece of billet aluminum, there are no welds to break.  Available polished or in a variety of powder coated colors to match your application
Bluetop Marine Batteries Billet Aluminum Optima Battery Box
-34M only $175
MCA - 1000 amps
12.8 volts
-Deep Cycle D34M only $225
MCA - 870 amps
13.1 volts
-Deep Cycle D31M only $259
MCA - 1000 amps
13.1 volts
BATCAP Batteries
BATCAP400 only $209
3 3/16" H X 3 5/8" W X 5 3/8 " 5lbs

only $209
3 5/8" H X 2.5" W X 5 7/8" L 6lbs
The new BATCAP600 was
specifically designed for heavy
vibration applications

These heavy hitters give you a whopping 400 peak amps and 600 peak amps for 8 seconds! More than enough juice for even the most demanding situations. 400 Weighs in at only 5 pounds, the 600 weighs in at 6lbs.

Starting at only $169
The SE Chargers deliver up to 10 amps per bank and will accommodate a wide range of battery configurations. They are perfect for the customer who needs overnight charging and the reliability of long term storage. Works great with 12V, 12-24V, 24V, 36V and 48V battery systems.

GATORBAK Synthetic Bunk Covers

Soft Synthetic material rated for ALL hull types.
example pricing:
1 Kit (2) Bunk Covers, (4) End caps, All Stainless Steel Hardware. Black - 1.50" H x 3.50"W x 8' L
$175 CND

email for other pricing

Super Shine - Aluminum/Stainless Polish
only $20
16 fl oz

NNothing and we mean "NOTHING" out-shines this amazing easy to use liquid aluminum/stainless polish!


Dealers for the Biggest Names in Marine Products!

Click on the logos below to find the parts you need then email us those part #'s
with your full name, full shipping address and phone #
No hidden fees/No brokerage fees just unmatched Canadian Pricing & Excellent Service!





Power Adders - Watercraft
Performance Marine Products installed locally! Call for appointments!
i(613) 925-4015

Watercraft Superchargers
Call for Help, we'll make YOU Fast!
XXX Charger
Sea Doo models 215/255/260 Supercharger Kit
#RS17050-SC-140-060 ( 15.5 psi at 8500 rpm )
Pricing! only $1699.95


We match any US price you can find!

Performance Stage Kits


RXP -X260 2012-2013 models
Stage 3
$4900 US retail only $4449
tell all your friends
rear exhaust #RS15110 for
only $299

RXP 04-2010
215 (stock 67 mph )
Stage 1 $776
( 72 MPH )
Stage 2 $2703 ( 75 MPH )
Stage 3 $5911 ( 80 MPH ) 2007-2010

RXT-X 08-2009 255
Stage 1 $1258

Kawi Ultra 300X
Stage 1 $1671 ( 73 MPH )

Click on RIVA logo ( at LEFT ) to check out ALL the different kits available, then simply email us here in Ontario Canada the Riva Racing Part Number/s for complete and prompt price quotes!

Rear Exhaust kits

email us with the part # you need! RXP 07-09 models
RS16050-01-04 $149.99

NX Express
PWC Nitrous Systems
example pricing
2 cylinder carb only $649

ADA Racing
Billet Heads
Yamaha 701/760 Girdled
complete kit! only $395

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience - email today!

World Class Racing Carbs
call for unmatched lowest price in Canada!
Water Boxes
example pricing
RXP, RXT 4 Stroke

only $214

Authorized Dealer


Billet Exhaust Valves

YAM. GP1200R/XLT1200/800R #332-12002
only $175

YAM. GP1300R #332-13000 only $175

The new R&D Billet Exhaust Valves reduce the clearance between the valve and piston. This reduced clearance improves the seal which boosts the valve down compression ratio delivering greater bottom and mid range power. The billet engineered design is a direct performance bolt-on, guaranteed to never break in any application. Now being used by Factory Yamaha Racing
Delta 2 Reeds

All Yamaha Triple applications
( except XLT & GPR) #V2W140-3 only $379
Watercraft Power Reeds

example pricing:
- Polaris SL650, SL750, SLT750 ( # 016)
only $125 CAD
- Yamaha WaveBlaster 96,Raider 94-96,Runner XL 99-04,Venturee (#026 ) $105
Personal Watercraft Piston Kits
including rings, taper wall wrist pins and circlips

NO BROKERAGE FEES/NO HIDDEN EXPENSES, Purchase here through WATER-WERX Performance Marine in Canada for a no hassle shopping experience - email today!
Skat-Trak 'Riva-R'
example pricing
only $375

Lowest price in canada guarantee
Skat-Trak "RIVA-R" Impellers feature a 'Pro-Series' finish and redisgned, light-weight hub to increase low-end thrust and top-end speed without vibration. Constructed of high strength stainless steel and supplied with billet nose cone for reduced cavitation


#1 Rated PWC Impellors

-Super Camber A-B-C-D-E ( top LEFT )

-Super Camber S-I-J-K-H ( middle LEFT )
-Concord - Power Torque ( bottom LEFT )
-X Prop - High Speed & Max Perf ( top RIGHT )
-Dyna Fly - Max Acceleration ( bottom RIGHT )

example Pricing
SD-CD-15/23 Concord ( Sea-Doo )
only $275

SD-CD-14/22 Concord ( Sea-Doo )
only $275

SRZ-CD-15/20R ( Sea-Doo ) HOT PRODUCT
only $275

WR001 - Impeller Tool $15


Intake Grates
example pricing:
97 thru 04 XP, XP LTD, XP DI
Sea-DOO XP 800
#WR 211
only $169
Intake Grates
example pricing:

# SD-IG-B ( Sea-Doo )
only $120
Intake Grates
example pricing:
RXP Top-Loader SD
# RS22050
only $159
High Flow Hood Kit

Hood Kit, High Flow, SD RXP
#RS5-0050 only $349
Flo-Rite Intakes
-2"with rubber flange
-2.5" with rubber flange
-2" with snap in flange

only $24.99 each
Accessories & Styling - Watercraft

PWC Mats
example pricing:
97 Sea-Doo XP 800
#HT84 - Black ( shown )
only $110
Pro-Series Sponson Kits
example pricing
#RS26050 only $339
Improve the handling of your craft with the superior blade & backing plate design of these Sponsons. Includes a bulletproof mounting system that features a solid backing plate and five anchor points with billet inserts in sponson fins
Starter - Sea-Doo, Polaris, Kawasaki
only $159 (#32844)

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Wild Wacky Towables
From AIRHEAD,KWIK TEK, HydroSlide, Body Glove

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