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MTNTK now available through 2KOOLPerformance!
inquire with exact Mountain Tek part numbers for incredible Canadian pricing

Yamaha "X" Tender Idler wheels
135.8mm ( with 6005 bearing ) replaces stock 129.37 idler wheels on all
06-11 Apex/Vector/FX Nytro & Phazer only $30 each

bock kits for adding extra wheels $46
see further down below for more details on kit pricing

"thanks Spenc for the fast delivery on my excell wheels "
-HCS Member ScottyRtx

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or by Online Bankings new

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ULMER Racing Oilite Front End Bushings
06-2007 Nytro,04-05 RX1,05-2011 Vector,06-2014 APEX only $139
ALL Phazer only $89

2008 Nytro only $89
2009-2013+ FX Nytro only $99
GOODWIN Oilite Front End Bushings
ALL REV models only $99
XP & XRS only $99

Supreme Tool XP/XR 2.52 pitch sprocket Conversion
SITE SPECIAL only $285 10 tooth kits
Clients are picking up 5+mph on top end by switching to 2.52 pitch 2ply tracks
The softer 1 ply that come stock on most newer sleds ball up
in front of the drivers at high speed hurting top end performance.
- Spenc

Grip N Rip - ski-doo front suspension brace SPECIAL
purchase New 2 Piece brace kits only $154.99


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"We have been buying our parts from 2KOOL for years and always will because you my friend SET THE BAR - period!
Keep up the incredible Job Spenc, parts got here quick!"

- Doug Burton

"Awesome serivce!
I got your info from snowandmud forum, the guys on there spoke well of your service and parts"

- Adam Vetter

" Thank you , you guys were over $50 cheaper than Royal Distributers, even after their free shipping! "
- Garratt Gutman


Power Adders | Clutching & Tools | Tracks & Traction Products | Skis | Suspensions |Accessories



for both
non reverse and reverse applications
- specify at time of order


Arctic Cat F/xf 1100 Turbo Procross HEAVY DUTY 1" , 15 splines components
only $299
Same shaft used
on 700HP OSP Outlaw
Drag Sled!

for using heavy duty gears and chains

Micro Belmont
MICRO-LOY drive components
(Nickel Chrome Alloy Steel)

Drive Shafts only $239

Jack Shafts
only $225

Drive Shafts & Jack Shafts only $749

Note - They do not put speedo's into shafts

If you're running massive Power you need strong driveline components!

We provide the best!


YAMAHA OEM front axles
only $149


XP Solid Jackshaft Conversion
only $349


XP Hollow Jackshaft Conversion
only $399


This will allow the use of any Ski-Doo splined secondary or TEAM secondary. No more need to pull the shaft to change helixes.


Mountain Performance
Lightweight Steel and Titanium drive axles

New Style OEM Axle for all Yamaha except RX1 & Viper - shown far LEFT
#paa-0101 only $99.99

Titanium Axle for 97+ except RX1 & Viper
#paa-0250 only $399

Titanium Axle for 03+RX1
#paa-0260 only $399

Titanium Axle for 02+ Viper and MTN Viper
#paa-0270 only $399

If you have a 97-00 Yamaha Sled, there is a good chance your axle will break. 2001 and later models already have the updated OEM axle. If your axle has been replaced, you can identify the new style axle by the small notch cut in the end of the axle. The old axle just has a chamfered edge (45 degree angle).

MPI’s Titanium Axle is slightly oversized at 1.100 vs stock at 1.063 weighing just 3.2lbs (Stock 5.4lbs)


BD Xtreme
Light Weight Trackshaft
#50040 (M Series )
#50042 (fits 04-06 ZR)

only $119

Trackshaft Nut Socket
only $32

Trackshaft Nut
only $7.50

Black Diamond's Lite Weight Trackshaft reduces 2 pounds of rotating mass on the M7. The Lite Weight Trackshaft utilizes a PATENT PENDING Slip-Washer with a shorter, higher grade bolt to replace the heavier, lower grade OEM bolt. The Lite Weight Trackshaft is machined with an interior collar that the Slip-Washer locks against and produces a stronger and lighter connection to the output shaft of the Diamond Drive




for Rev & ZX Chassis

OVERLOAD Suspension Blocks

Ski-Doo #210-509
SPECIAL $29 reg $38
fits REV only
Can be drilled out for ZX chassis
but does not fit XP or XR


X-Clicks are a direct replacement for the stock 3 position blocks. The 4 position design of the X-Clicks allows for more adjustment and the 4th side is an overload position, Machined from 6061.T6 aluminum for maximum strength
Supreme Tool
only $58

Stop blocks for the rear scissors that allow a drag race set up and when rotated 180 degrees back to a trail ride set up.  Can be rotated with the stock tool in your tool kit.  Uses same stock bolt and aluminum block guide. Fits all 08 and 09 models. This quick easy set up will hold the rear skid from collapsing during hard hooked up acceleration keeping the ski’s firmly planted for that rocket whole shot.


Lightweight Rear Suspensions
(Available for polaris & ski-doo only)

Call or Email Holz, then provide us the full list of part #'s you need for Canadian Quotes from Ontario , no Brokerage/no Hidden fees













"I have purchased from a number of Canadian Sled parts companies and no one is more 'in-tune' to clients needs , pricing , service and selection like SLED-WERX Racing! I'll be telling all my sled head friends about this service! "
- Jim Ferguson


Bender Racing
REAction Suspension
121" single spring- $1425
121" dual spring - $1625
For Yamaha XTC/SX/SRX/SX-r/Viper & 03-04 RX 1/Warrior
- 11.7" travel
- 18lb weight savings
- 40 clicks of adjustment



fully-adjustable and rebuildable Penske Axis shock, custom designed for this application. Retains some stock components that don’t require upgrading such as main rails, idler wheels, back axle and spacers. CAD designed brackets and mounting components mean precision matching to your existing rails, with precise templates and instructions to ensure critical geometry is retained

Canadian Pricing On Wahl Suspensions will be determined by the US/Canada Conversion at time of order - We save you time, hassle & expense of US to Canada Shipping!
Email Today we'll show you the savings!

Lightweight ICE Suspension's

121" - $ email for current pricing
128" - $ email for current pricing
136" - $ email for current pricing
144" - $ email for current pricing

-upgrade to three 8" Wear Resistent
rear Idlers for
ONLY $295

-upgrade to FOX Float shock for
ONLY $280

**Upgrade prices subject to change

- comes stock with Gabriel oil shock, two rear idlers, cross shafts, mounting brackets, front wheel kit and UHMW hyfax.  
* On-Site Tested to over 170mph

- supply rider weight, Track width you are using and Tunnel width at time of order

only $219 CND
Fastest Slide On The Market!

Slippery Slides only $145 CND
graphite blended into slides


Wahl Bros
Lubrication System
only $125
Lube tank ( 3.3 qrts ) $50
see Wahl site for any other needed parts and provide us part #'s for final quoting

HiperFax- This remarkable teflon-like patented material reduces heat and friction for greater high speed on ice and hard-pack

Wahl Brothers offers an entire lube system for use in Oval racing. This lube system includes 6 lube line inserts for restricting and helping to regulate the flow of fluid through the line, 4 T fittings, 4 Side lube fittings with clamps, 2-90 degree fittings with grommet for running the lines through tunnel, 10 ft. of 3/16” fuel line, 1 dual outlet fuel pump and one shut off valve. This system is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wahl Champ suspension that already has 2 lube line fittings in the rail. Parts can be purchased as a kit or independently. Lube tanks and through the rail brass lube fittings are sold separately


Wahl's newest suspension for asphalt racing features Fox Float Shocks on the front and rear for infinite adjustability. Dual front limiter bolts mounted outward make for easy front arm adjustment. Location of the billet 3 1/4" rollers is easily accomplished with the fully drilled suspension rails. The aluminum 9" rear idlers along with the open rear suspension arm design keeps the top of the track flat from drivers to rear idlers. Adjustable height carrier wheels help accomplish that allowing for greater top speed and increased ET's. A serious suspension for serious racers!! Available in 121", 128" and 136" lengths.

No Border Hassles or Delays - Shop with us & Save both Time & Money


2010 version
Asphalt Suspension's
Includes 2 FOX Float shocks!

121" - $ email for current pricing 46lbs

128" - $email for current pricing 47lbs

136"- $ email for current pricing 48lbs

Get your orders in now!

on Wahl Brothers

Canadian Pricing On Wahl Suspensions will be determined by the US/Canada Conversion at time of order - We save you the time, hassle & expense of US to Canada Shipping!
Email Today we'll show you the savings!


98% of World Records held are on this suspension

Canadian Pricing On ProLine Suspensions will be determined by the US/Canada Conversion at time of order - We save you the time, hassle & expense of US to Canada Shipping!
Email Today we'll show you the savings!

ProLine Asphalt Drag Suspension
121" - $ email for current pricing
128" - $ email for current pricing

136" - $ email for current pricing

Get your orders in now!

Lightweight Ice/Grass Suspensions
ICE -ggg
121" $ email for current pricing
128" $ email for current pricing
hhhhhggg136" $1900
hhhhhggg144" $2100
121" $ email for current pricing
128" $ email for current pricing
136" $ email for current pricing
144" $
email for current pricing

Canadian Pricing On ProLine Suspensions will be determined by the US/Canada Conversion at time of order - We save you the time, hassle & expense of US to Canada Shipping!
Email Today we'll show you the savings!


Lightweight Performance Rails

all sizes
only $375 US
add $100 for black anodizing

only $450 US for Timbersled

As the Premier Canadian Dealer for ICE AGE Performance please email us any part #'s you need help with here in Canada.


Rail Extensions

example pricing
SKI DOO 144" to 159" SC10 & SC10 II
144-159" ext set only $99


Rail & Tunnel Extensions

example pricing
SKI DOO 121" to 136" Rev Chassis
rail & tunnel kit only $329

Rail extension kits
120/121-128" only $145
120/121-136/137" only $155
120/121 to 144+ only $170

ADD new sliders to any Rail & Tunnel Extention package
for only $45


rail & tunnel kits
121" to 136" only $329
121" to 144"only $345

FX Nytro
121" to 144"
Tipped Rails & tunnel kits only $345


NOTE: existing protectors must be 1/2" wide by 1" tall

Supreme Tool

XP Tunnel Protectors
The new skidoo rear skid will bottom out during high compression or hard acceleration, forcing studs into the rear upper tunnel. These tunnel protectors add an extra 1/2" protection for a total of 1 1/2" x 12" long.
only $52



Black Diamond Xtreme
Pro Light Rear Bumper
#20021 05-07 M/Xfire series
only $229

#20020 08 M/Xfire series
only $99 ON SPECIAL
includes bumper,
foot supports & hardware

BDX BOSS M/XFire series seat
includes NOS Storage, Shovel Pouch
& LED light
only $659
saves 7.1lbs over stock!




Custom lightweight
sled products!

Now Available in Canada through SLED-WERX Racing
email us the VAN AMBURG part #'s you require along with your full name, full shipping address and phone # for Canadian price quotes




Black Diamond Xtreme
Pro Light Series 2 rear wheel kits
(M Series TOP LEFT)
only $34.95



for Yamaha
Nytro, Venture & Phazer only 34

Here it is! An inexpensive 2-wheel kit that uses your stock wheels!
Saves 2 lbs!!
Improves Top End!


Black Diamond Xtreme
Pro Light Series
front idler wheel delete kit
(05 up Xfire & M Series )
only $85
Want to take your front stock idlers off without abnormal hi-fax wearing?
This is the kit you need.
This remedies the track hitting the shaft






includes 4 wheel kit hardware, two wheels and two wheel cap covers


Grip n Rip
Procross/Proclimb 4 wheel kit

only $59

fits all models
EXCEPT the RR Race Replica



Arctic cat wheels to fit 4 wheel kit $39 each

available in GREEN, BLACK or ORANGE

The Procross 128" sleds have 7.12" diameter wheels. The XF and Proclimb sleds have 8" wheels

8" wheel #3604-073
7.12" wheels #3604-063

Wheel cap covers #1604-952 $3 each


Grip n Rip
Procross/Proclimb Axle Track Adjusters

sold in pairs only $38

NEW billet aluminum rear axle track adjuster blocks for the 2012-2013 Procross/Proclimb chassis.

These replace the weak die cast stock aluminum adjuster that can break

Easy installation. Remove the axle bolt and washer, pull the rail towards you and remove the stock adjuster. Slide the billet adjuster in it's place and reinstall the bolt and washer.





Pioneer Performance

#P-S105A only $45
Fits all 06-08 Fourstroke

#P-S105B only $46
Fits all 09 and newer

#P-S105 only $45
fits all 98 & newer models using Pro-Action suspension including all SX, SRX, Vmax, Warrior, Viper, Venom, and ’03-’05 RX-1.

NOTE: Recommended for Studded applications!
With only 3 unbalanced Rear axle wheels when studding the track is pressured to twist and pull unevenly causing stress to the side rail and force the track to want to come out of alignment

Pioneer Performance
Yamaha Shock Eye Saver Kit
We have a kit which places a bearing on each side of the upper shock eye to eliminate the track rub. This kit saves on wear to both the shock eye and the track, avoiding future costly damage. Kit works on the Monoshock and Pro-Active suspension
#P-K113 only $26



Pioneer Performance
P-S102 Small Wheel Kit

This wheel kit is designed to mount specifically to the outside of the rail at the bend, where it is most effective in reducing hyfax wear. Kit comes complete with everything needed for easy installation, including a specially designed wheel block that also acts a marking template, and factory Yamaha wheels. Kit fits ’96 XT and all ’97 and newer models w/Pro Action Plus rear suspension, including all Vmax models (XT, XTC, SX(-R) etc.), SRX, Viper, RX-1, Warrior, Vector, Rage and Phazer 500, plus all Pro-Active and Mono Shock suspensions (Vector, Apex, Attak, etc.).
#P-S102 only $85





Hyfax "X" tender wheel
135.8mm ( with 6005 bearing )
replaces stock 129.37 idler wheels on all 06-11 Apex/Vector/FX Nytro & Phazer
only $30 each
bock kits for extra wheels $46

CK Dual Shock 6 Wheel Kit
with mounting hardware
Fits: FX Nytro, Nytro, Apex RTX & Vector
This kit fits all Dual Shock CK suspensions

CK Dual Shock 144 8 Wheel Kit
with mounting hardware
Fits: FX Nytro XTX, 2011 Apex XTX
This kit fits all 144 Dual Shock CK suspensions



Excell Motorsports has tested the 138.8mm wheel for over 2 years with major benefits in slider wear and longevity. The "X" Wheel is solid with no holes to help combat freezing of the wheel in place. It is also a direct bolt on replacment with no need for longer bolts or machining of the mount to make it fit. It is a direct replacement wheel for inside or outside the rail. The "X" wheel comes with the replaceable 6005 NTN bearing.

"Thanks for the Top Notch Service!"
- Chris Fleury

Custom Billet Wheels
Including bearings
5.375, 135mm, 141mm, 5.625
-only $68
180mm, 7.125, 165mm
-only $78

Canadian Pricing shown


Billet Wheel Kits for SC3, SC4 & SC5
2 rear & 2 front only $279.99

2 rear & 4 front only $389



Wear Resistant Idlers
Priced in Canadian Dollars
2 3/4" -5/8" ID $49
3 1/4" - 5/8" ID $49
5.360" - 5/8" ID inserts(Pol & Cat) $99
5.600" - 5/8" ID inserts(Pol & Cat) $99
5.600" - 20mm ID ( firecat) $95

6.400" - 20mm ID(Polaris Rear) $99
6.400" - 5/8" ID inserts $99
7.125" - 3/4" ID(firecat rear axle) $130
8" - 3/4 inserts $136

In-house test proven to improve
top MPH times!

  WAHL BROS - Aluminum Idlers 2 3/4" to 8" available  
5.635" Polaris/CAT $79 each
8" Popular for Asphalt $109 each
aluminum drag wheels
example - 9 1/2" $160 each



Arctic Cat - 10 tooth Anti-Ratchet Drivers!
2.52 pitch $89 each
#DR1 on Shaft only $450 each
combine with BDX 68/52R gears

68/52R gear sets also
- see our Accessories section!

9 tooth Anti-Ratchet Drivers for 2013 w/ shaft
#2602-443 2.86 pitch divers $89
#DR2 on Shaft
only $450 each

AVID Products

Anti-rachett drivers
Arctic Cat Diamond Drive

Make your Diamond Drive sleds into
top speed LAKE WARRIORS with these new drivers

2009-12 Z1 TURBO
Anti-rachett 10 2.52 pitch
tooth driver sets

2013 models take 3 pitch
only $349

Full line of AVID Products available!

2008-11 Ski Doo XP/XRS
Anti-rachett driver set only $349
Allows you to run 2.52" pitch track XP/XRS
( includes set of 2 drivers with install tool )

available in
10 tooth 2.52 pitch
9 tooth 2.52 pitch
9 tooth 2.86 pitch
8 tooth 2.86 pitch
7 tooth 3" pitch

all above $349 per set


Supreme Tool
XP/XR chassis sprocket Conversion

only $285
10 Tooth kits
available in 9 and 10 tooth only


Clients are picking up 5+mph on top end by switching to 2.52 pitch 2ply tracks. The softer 1 ply that come stock on most newer sleds ball up in front of the drivers at high speed hurting top end performance.

A new option for running the 2.52 pitch track and drivers on your REV XP/XR PLATFORM. Consists of 4 aluminum billet hubs and two PPD plastic drivers and all hardware. Choose from 9 or 10 tooth drivers. When using studs we recommend the 9-tooth diameter for tunnel clearance. The hub and sprocket assemblies slip over the stock shaft and can be located and locked into position with out the use of a press. During recent testing on the asphalt we were able to run over 125 mph using the XP sprocket conversion and a 121 Camoplast track.


"picked the Drivers up yesterday! Thanks for the quick shipping and great customer service! Top-Notch! "
- Jeremy Tetford



No Slip Anti Ratchet
Drive Sprokets



2.52 pitch
8 tooth
-only $99
9 tooth
-only $94
10 tooth -only $99
3 pitch

7 tooth
-only $86
8 tooth
-only $96




Wide Band Drive Sprokets
Example pricing:
#02-523 10 tooth 1 1/16" and 1 1/8"

only $44.99

Drive Axle Collars
Example pricing:
#02-572A 1 1/8"
( sold as pair )
only $53.99


These Wide Band drivers are for use in applications where you will be using only two drive sprockets.
Great for asphalt, Ice and grass drags

where closed windows are in use.

Drive axle collars keep your drive wheels
from moving on your driveshaft
by attaching on both sides of the drive wheel.
The collars can be installed without removing the wheels,Kit includes two collars and fasteners



Lightweight aluminum Drive Sprokets and Drive Hubs

Double hubs (shown at LEFT) - for running a two drive set up
only $225
single hubs only $56.99
Driver pricing per driver
9 tooth $230
10 tooth $240
11 tooth $250 8.625" Overall diameter
12 tooth $250 9.452" Overall diameter
13 tooth $375
14 tooth $500


Firecat 10 tooth Drive Shaft Assembly
Incudes lightweight shaft, drivers,
bearing and flange plate for quick conversion
#0728-081 only $289


Black Diamond Xtreme
Lite Weight Trackshaft with Drivers
for a quote

Exclusive 05-06 M and Crossfire Lightweight Trackshaft with machined drivers. Full 2 pounds of rotating mass saving from stock trackshaft. Comes with all hardware to make a simple remove and replace operation. Also fits 07-up Diamond Lite Drive system for a full 11 lbs weight saving




ULMER Racing

YAMAHA OEM shaft (1.0625" hex size ) with 8 or 9 tooth extrovert drivers installed
only $391
YAMAHA OEM shaft (1.0625" hex size ) with 9 tooth AVID extrovert drivers installed
only $445









FOX Float MXR shocks
EMAIL with EXACT PART NUMBER for Canadian pricing too low to list

FOX FLOAT MXR shocks weigh only 1.1 lbs!

on FOX Shocks







determine the part # you
require by visting the
FOX Shocks web site
then email us with
your information

Float 3 EVOL
includes pump
EMAIL with EXACT PART NUMBER for Canadian pricing too low to list

FOX Float shock guards
available in orange, blue, red, green



determine the part # you
require by visting the
FOX Shocks web site
then email us with
your information


Float 3 EVOL RC2
EMAIL with EXACT PART NUMBER for Canadian pricing too low to list

With external adjustments like dual speed compression, wide range rebound and dual air spring, as well as the EVOL and main air chambers independently controlling ride height, roll control and bottom-out, the FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 can take anything and everything you can throw at it. Start doing some bragging of your own




Float 3 EVOL R
EMAIL with EXACT PART NUMBER for Canadian pricing too low to list

This Fox Float EVOL R Shock still offers the same lightweight achievements of the Fox Float saving you nearly 6 lbs. off the front of your sled

Add on EVOL Chamber Upgrade Kit

Everything you need is included in this kit to transform your FLOAT or FLOAT 2 into a FLOAT EVOL™, right down to the gold air caps and black and white decals.With our EVOL Upgrade Kit, you gain an extra-plush, bottomless feel ride without altering the ride height or roll stiffness of your sled


shown from top to bottom
AIR CAN 1, then AIR CAN 2
in both silver and black



Air Cannister

only $89 ( per pair)
only $54 ( each )

300% more air capacity
than AIR CAN 1 version

only $79 ( each )
only $89 ( each )
only $138 ( per pair)
only $156 ( per pair )



Great for big bump control but tend to be stiff in stutter or smaller bumps as air ramps up too quickly. Extra air capacity gives smoother shock action in small hits (like 20lbs of air in a car tire or bicycle tire; car tire is flat but bicycle is hard) before stiffening up for the bigger hits. No knobs, screws, or guesswork. Compact, no special tools needed for installation, and adjust air pressure with stock pump. Not a substitute for proper valving, many riders get their shocks serviced and/or revalved and then add the Air Cans as a final tuning option




"By far the most Professionally run outfit in Canada! Thank you for taking your time with my order, and for the savings you provided me.
Will be back for sure!"

- Conrad Browntree




i ELKA Suspension

Email us with :

and the
so we can quote you accurately
-thank you


on Elka Suspension shock sets!


Zbroz Racing
Email us with any ZBROZ Racing part #'s for Canadian Pricing - Avoiding you any cross border Brokerage fee/Hidden Fee's or Customs Delays!


Race and Trail proven by
the toughest competitors in the world


"Ordered these a couple weeks back for the Cats and a D&D belt for the new procross turbo, come in to see the box on my desk today. The box was professionally packed and the shocks in their own boxes and wrapped as well. I want to make mention of that as I had purchased two full sets of these ( rears as well ) from a US vendor before I knew about 2KOOL/Sled-Werx. When they arived the shocks were in garbage bags all beat up etc...and they wouldn't do anything for me.
These show up earlier than expected and in perfect condition"
- HCS Memeber Greensmob


" I appreciate you working with me to give me a great price! I will continue to tell my buddies about your business! Thanks again "
- Dan Bertens

HYGEAR Suspension
Email us with any HYGEAR suspension part #'s for Canadian Pricing - Avoiding you any cross border Brokerage fee/Hidden Fee's or Customs Delays!





Email us with any RYDE FX suspension part #'s for Canadian Pricing - Avoiding you any cross border Brokerage fee/Hidden Fee's or Customs Delays!


Wahl Bros
Pro Stock Shocks
Adjustable by 1/4"
11, 12, 13 & 14"
Now available in four different lengths. All are adjustable approximately 1/4” shorter and 1/4” longer. Weight is under 3 pounds per pair. Composed of a heavy duty internal spring and moly tubing. These shocks are very durable and a favorite amongst drag racers

Lightweight Chrome Molly
Firecat A-Arms

only $459

same arm kit we used on our own Project FXR F7 - 133.9 mph!


BDX Black Diamond
Nickel Plated
Chrome Moly M Series/XFire Suspension
Complete with bushings
FRONT A-Arm Sets
(fits all 05 and up M Series/Xfire Series sleds )

40" - only $399
42" -
only $429

REAR Skid Arm Sets
( fits 07 and up M Series/Xfire Series that use existing FOX Floats )
40" & 42" available only $649

Complete Front & Rear sets
40" - only $999
42" - only $1029

Titanium forged grade 8 bolt kits
only $499
saves 5lbs!
1000 cc engine kit
800 cc engine kit

M-Series Titanium Chassis Bolt Kits
#50071 only $499 saves 5lbs!


Lightweight Front A Arm kits
only $489

XP kits now available

Reduce un-sprung weight by up to 3 pounds with Holz lightweight chromoly a-arms. HRP a-arms are fabricated from 4130 chromoly and tig welded for the ultimate in weight savings and durability. Kit includes ties rods, 4 a-arms, grease zirks, and durable powder coat finish in cool hammer-tone grey. NOTE: Spindles and shocks may be required if changing ski stances


Lowest Price In Canada On ALL MPI products!

Mountain Performance
Lightweight Chrome Molly
RX1 & APEX A-Arms

(blue or silver powdercoat or raw for coating or chroming - blue shown)
38" only $479
41" only $529 with Tie Rods
42" only $479
45" only $529 with Tie Rods
ALSO- A-Arm Lightweight Shaft kit
(fits all Apex, RX-1 & Vector models) $199
This kit saves an additional 2+ pounds. It replaces the inner and outer steel shafts with high strength aluminum ones.






M-Series Xtreme Anti-Slop
Steering Post Support
only $59

Eliminate the steering post slop from your stock support! The new BDX Anti-Slop Support will eliminate the slop from the stock support and lessen the chance of your steering post breaking! 05' - UP M-Series and X-Fire




Ski-Doo Oilite Bushing Kits

only $96

only $99

fits all XP & new 1200 XR models

A must for Ski-Doo Rev & XP owners. Oilite Bushing kit replaces plastic bushings in the front A-Arms and tightens up front end.






Ski Bolt Bushing kit $38
fits all 4 stroke yamaha Rx1, Phazer, Apex, Vector, FX Nytro

"Parts were here on 22nd, great service guys, thank you. That was my first purchase through you but it won't be the lastI "
- Jim Rogers


ULMER Racing
Oilite Front End Bushing Kits

06-2007 Nytro
04-05 RX1
05-2011 Vector
06-2014 APEX
only $139

ALL Phazer
only $89

2008 Nytro
only $89

2009-2013 FX Nytro
only $99


  • Replaces all the front end bushings in the front end of your Yamaha 4-stroke

  • Made with SAE 863 sintered Iron Copper a self lubricating powdered metal

"I got all my parts. Thank you for the Excellent service! "- Cary Coubrough











PIONEER Performance

Handling Springs P-S113

Higher rate front handling springs plant the outer ski improving handling while increasing stability, by reducing body roll.
( recommended as upgrade for 03 RX1/Warrior )

only $100.99



REV Lightweight 4130 Chrome Molly tig welded A Arm sets complete with tie rods - Superior Strength

42.5" & 45" sets
only $479

EMAIL US with PART NUMBERS from ZBROZ and we'll quote you in Canadian funds

POLARIS RMK IQ Lightweight 4130 Chrome Molly tig welded A Arm sets complete with tie rods - Superior Strength

43" & 45" sets
only $479
"I have purchsed products online for years and can say honestly that I have never been treated more fairly and more professionally than I have been at 2KOOL Performance with their incredible
Sled-Werx Racing Division"
- Greg Timpson

EMAIL US with PART NUMBERS from ZBROZ and we'll quote you in Canadian funds

Arctic Cat M Series Lightweight 4130 Chrome Molly tig welded A Arm sets complete with tie rods - Superior Strength

40", 43" & 46" sets
only $479



EMAIL US with PART NUMBERS from Black Diamond Extreme and we'll quote you in Canadian funds

Black Diamond Xtreme

38" & 40" Front Spindle Kits
only $399
4lb weight savings
variable caster improves handling


Kit comes with two spindles,  two chrome moly upper a-arms and mounting hardware





HYGEAR Suspension
Email us with any HYGEAR suspension part #'s for Canadian Pricing - Avoiding you any cross border Brokerage fee/Hidden Fee's or Customs Delays!







My first Yamaha, was reliable and fun!

Super Comp Snowmobile Chute
#400-SM only $329 CND
#400-4801 w/spring launcher $679 CND


Stainless Steel
Front Arm Suspension Adjusters
only $138

Now you can easily adjust your suspension with little effort and easy to install hardware. Composed of lightweight Aluminum and Molly plating, this adjuster allows 1 1/2" of heightening and lowering adjutment. Come with 10-32 cap screws that can easily be placed into your tunnel. Available with a lightweight aluminum adjuster bolt or a stainless steel bolt. One more way to make your testing easier and more efficient




Grip N Rip
Front Limiter Strap Adjusters
only $120

Allows you to adjust your sleds handling to the snow conditions. Add ski pressure if your sled is pushing in the turns or reduce ski pressure if you want more traction.

Excellent item for in the field testing!

Limiter Strap Adjuster
only $76
Trac-Link is a new innovation aimed at giving you the ability to adjust traction and balance characteristics of your any make/model snowmobile quickly and easily.TRAC-LINK™ replaces the OEM limiter-straps with an ultra-strong Goodyear® strap combined with with the Patent-Pending aluminum adjustment mechanism to give you 3 full inches of infinite adjustment with a simple turn of a 1/2″ or 13mm wrench.TRAC-LINK™ weighs just 15oz including the strap and all necessary hardware and is adaptable to any rear suspension that employs conventional limiter-straps. 

Ice Scratchers
dual set only $89


" Thanks for providing the best price on this item. You have always matched or beat any price on any item but I come back
time after time for the Service! "
- Gordon Thomas




Anti Stab Wheel Kits
Stock Suspension wheel kits
provide part # from Wahl Brothers web site for final quotes


BDX Black Diamond

M-Series Anti Stab Wheel Kits

2012-up #50019 only $79
07-up #50018 only $79
05-06 #50017 only $79

Black Diamond has developed an Anti-Stab Roller Kit for the M-Series sleds. It is designed to help prevent the rail tips from stabbing through the 3” pitch track windows. It also eliminates the vibration produced when the rail tips click on the windows. This vibration is felt in the foot-wells while operating in loose snow conditions. The Anti-Stab Roller Kit is a must for the rider who runs with loose track.

Mention this sale on to help other Canadians!


clutch tower brace

1200 4TEK XR
with engine torque stop!

only $185

Universal kit to fit all XP 500ss,600,800 carb & 800 E-TECH
only $185


Great option for the XP chassis. Support brace mounts from clutch tower to front of frame. Will eliminate all of the tower flex from the clutches. Comes complete with tower support and harder engine mount

This is the Strongest brace on the market!
Don't be fooled by other immitations that use clamps and in-direct brackets

HOT Product


seat screw
for Procross/Proclimb
only $20



HOT Product

~ US prices shown for all

"It's sad to see some of these other Canadian sled part companies trying to COPY your business and put down your company online in the process? - We have been buying our parts from 2KOOL for years and always will because you my friend SET THE BAR - period!
Keep up the incredible Job Spenc, parts got here quick!"
- Doug Burton



Upper A Arm Brace (top LEFT )
#300-125 only $75

Suspension Module Brace
#300-066 only $89.95

"got my grip-n-rip braces today
higly recommend these guys, easy to deal with and fast shipping
cant wait to install them now"
HCS Member - nitro kid


This new Upper A Arm brace strengthens the weak Upper A Arm mounting points on the new XP chassis

SPECIAL COMBO kit pricing!

"Thank you for the great price on the full brace set! Will be telling all my riding group about your services!" - Glen Sherman





All OSP Products for all sled models now available here in Canada through Sled-Werx Racing!



OSP Heavy Duty Engine Bump Stop
for ProCross 800

Only $129





OSP ProCross Engine Bumper Stop
for ProCross 1100 TURBO
Only $169


This will help keep the motor from sagging and moving around so
much. This will improve belt life.

OSP ProCross Jack Shaft Bumper Stop
for ProCross 1100 TURBO

Only $119

This will help keep the motor from sagging and moving.
THIS MUST BE USED with our engine bumper stop
This will improve belt life.
made from billet aluminum

#1 selling product for 2012-2013
1100 Turbo


OSP ProCross Jack Shaft Support
for for ProCross 1100 TURBO
NOTE: DOES NOT FIT 2014 model
Only $189

This keeps the Jackshaft from flexing and helps keep the motor from
moving around causing belts to break and this will keep the clutches in more
stable alignment under boost.

ARCTIC CAT Procross 1100
mounts in stock holes
Only $299

OSP Heavy duty clutch guard fits with stock or STM clutches

This gives you 360 degrees for protection  SAVE your belly pans,  no need to remove to change belt easy install





Supreme Tool

All Billet Jackshaft Brace complete with cross brace support and fasteners

Developed for the 4TEC chassis.  This bracket will support the high horse power applications that the 1200 is capable of, when adding a turbo charger or any other power adder.  The stock brace is very light duty and will not endure add on Horsepower.

We also supply rigid motor mounts with this kit.  The main brace has two bearing keepers and an added rear gusset that is bolted thru the tunnel for added support.  It also has a front rod eye link that is supported by the cross brace keeping the motor from pulling forward.  Uses stock fasteners and requires the drilling of two holes in the stock chassis


EVOLUTION Powersports

TCL Delete Kits
- Staged Belt Life Improvement / Drive Train Bulletproofing

Stage 1 $579
Stage 2 $879
Stage 3 $1249


The purpose of this product is to decouple the engine from the jackshaft and go back to a more traditional engine/jackshaft layout. The wobble bearings along with soft jack shafts that deflect considerably when under load coupled with excessive engine movement are the primary causes of clutch misalignment and therefore poor belt life. With our TCL elimination bracket, we are supplying a traditional straight roller bearing. We are able to do this because the jackshaft is now fixed and aligned with the chain case jack shaft bearing. Once the movement is taken out of the PTO side, the top gear in the chain case will now stay in plane with the the bottom gear and chain. Chain & gear life are vastly improved once this movement is eliminated. You will notice that on the new Viper and 7000 series, Arctic Cat has completely abandoned the TCL and have set up their engine/jackshaft like ours. This product was tested all last year along side control sleds to verify the improvements. By the end of the year, 10x greater belt life had been realized. (Over 1000 miles per belt)




D&D Racing
for all pre-proclimb/procross sleds
A must have for the aggressive big HP rider!

#800-0091 only $40 per pair
"I added the Motor Inserts to my Proclimb and it's been the best thing I've done! "- Cory Spicer

OSP ProCross/Climb
Solid Motor Mount Kit

only $180 per kit


Solid motor mounts do 2 things the keep the motor from moving around
and makes the motor part of the chassis structure these motor mounts are billet aluminum and are must have for the serious racer




Supreme Tool

Z1 Motor Snubber
for all pre-proclimb/procross sleds
Designed to stop the magside of the motor from twisting forward under acceleration. Made from billet aluminum, supplied with adjustable rubber stop and fasteners. Easy to install. Works well with Billet Motor Mount ( ABOVE )

#117ZMS $105


"Parts came today! that was quick! Thanks a lot and will be sure to pass on your web site to my riding buddys" "- Cory Spicer

"I have never been treated better nor had anyone take more of their own time to help me with with products that actually work for my sled than here with Sled-Werx Racing. Your honesty in business is greatly appreciated "
- Scott Graham




Supreme Tool

Xfire Mag side Motor Mount
Made from billet aluminum with a custom neoprene rubber molded mount. Bolts to the existing holes in the engine block and recoil housing.Reinforces the Mag side of the engine keeping it aligned under load thus increasing belt life and performance.  A must have for turbo charged and big bore set ups.
Comes with all hardware needed and detailed instructions for installing

#127CMM $185




Crank Shop
Solid Motor Mounts

Formula Chassis
$29 each
DSA/CKIII $79 set of 4

PRS $99 set of 4



F7 Motor Plate
trial only $209
race only $229
only $209
does not work with Diamond Drive


A must to hold the power of your F9 or F10 engine and for race applications




BDX Black Diamond

Billet aluminum case cover

#8000-B only $299
Fits 05'-06' M/CF/Diamond Lite Drive.
Billet aluminum case cover, comes with bearing and seal.
Stronger then stock case covers!

standard case cover
#8000o only $105
Fits 05'-06' M/CF/Diamond Lite Drive
Comes with bearing and seal




BDX Black Diamond Xtreme

(steering post angle compensator) system that puts the angle back into your Nytro

only $299

With 2 years of product development, this was developed to give your arms more leverage to the handlebar in the rider forward position. Gives the rider a push-pull effect without the up-down arm fatiguing movement found on the stock steering. The SPAC system fits all 2008 to present Nytros. This is a complete system including the new ‘Tru-Arc’ handlebar riser to make it a totally adjustable system for any height rider. The Bi-Flex riser is also available in heights from 2” to 8.5”and can be used for other model sleds



Grip n Rip

Billet Aluminum
Rear Axle Wheel Spacer
only $18.99

These billet spacers have a large support area and won't allow the rear axle to flex under load. This keeps your wheels perpendicular to the track and running true. They billet spacers also won't compress when tightening the axle and will clamp the rails properly locking the axle in position. If you need your sled to be bullet proof, these billet spacers are the answer.

Sold each. You will need one spacer for each wheel on your axle. If you have two wheels you need two spacers. If you have three wheels you need three, and so on.

Fits 08-09 Skidoo RevXP and most other Skidoo models. If your sled takes BRP part # 503190428 this billet spacer will fit



SLP Push Arm ( recoil side )
for all POLARIS 600/700/800 big block twins ie- 07-09 600/700/800 CFI

#23-63 only $49

#1 mod for POLARIS 800 IQ/Dragon


SLP Front Torque Arm Relocation kit
for 2005+ Arctic Cat M-Series

only $84.99
This kit fixes the track tensioning problem on stock M-Series rear suspension. It allows the suspension to cycle freely withought the track overtightening which frees up horsepower and improves the ride. A must have for any M-Series sled. Kit includes: brackets, hardware, and instructions
POLARIS Engine Torque Arm for
2006 - 700 CFI
2005-06 900 CFI

only $94.99
Hold your engine and clutches securely in place with this all new SLP engine torque arm. The double vibration absorbing heim joint insures proper engine alignment without sacrificing torque arm or chassis life.

Reduces belt and clutch heat while providing more horsepower transfer to the ground
Ski-Doo Engine Torque Arm
-v583/670 Formula Z, 670 Summit & Sum X
only $36.99
-6/7/800 Reed Valve Twins
only $79
-REV Chassis
only $89

The SLP Torque Arm holds the engine in place to have consistent belt alignment. Less belt and clutch wear is also a benefit. The arm is equipped with a damper to avoid transmitting vibration into the chassis.

CLICK HERE for info


M7 Front Torque Arm
Relocation Kit

- fixes the track tensioning problem on stock M7 rear suspensions so the suspension can cycle freely without the track over-tightening. Frees up horsepower and improves the ride. A must have for an M7 only $85



Full Holz Racing Products Dealer - click on logo above to be linked direct for product information, then simply provide the product #'s you require by email for fast Canadian Price Quotes.

available - just send us a Link or part # so we can confirm and quote you accurately
- thank you

Mountain version
( shown at LEFT with wings )
only $379.95

Regular Version
( shown at RIGHT )
only $299.95
available in WHITE as shown or BLACK



2006-2008 M, 6, 7, 8 & 1000

only $159

CP-000-1001 King Cat

only $149

2009-20011 M8-M1000
only $189



BDX Black Diamond
Running Board Supports
08 and up Cat

only $130
Bare aluminum ( shown ) only $125

1M, King Cat, M&XFire
only $130
Bare aluminum
only $125





Apex Seat Kit ( at LEFT)

Fits 06-2010 MODELS
seat kit ony $495

Nytro Airframe Running Boards
( top RIGHT )

Fits 06-2010 MODELS
available in natural finish or flat black
ony $479
Nytro Airframe Seat Kits
( bottom RIGHT )
seat kit ony $495
seat kit with above tunnel silencer
under tunnel exhaust/blockoff panel $445
seat kit for under tunnel exhaust $545

Polaris RMK running boards
( bottom LEFT )
seat kit ony $445

email us the part #'s you require
for Canadian Pricing



FETT Brothers
Polaris Rail Repair kit

available for 90-1999 Indy's
& 2000-05 Edge chassis
only $49.99

2 pre-drilled plates repairs elongated shaft mounting holes in suspension rails. Can be added to new rails for increased strength and to prevent damage. Custom mounting allows them to be used on models not listed by drilling new mounting holes in rail


SNOW Eliminators
Snow Elminators

available for All Makes
only $140


Extreme Metal Products
Ski-Doo Renegade Rear Cargo Rack

$159 CND

  • Fits: 2008-2012 Ski-Doo with 137" track ONLY. ( may fit newer models IF rear tunnel hasn't changed , consult your Dealer for info )
  • Laser cut from 1/8" thick 5052 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
  • Powder coated texture black for superior protection.
  • Bolts to the rear with (4) bolts provided.
  • Keeps cargo above the heat exchanger.







Single and Dual lightweight tank assemblies

- single $69
- single 'in tank' kit $64.99



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