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SLED-WERX Racing ' Project FXR- F7 '

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#1 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 16 December 2004 - 06:02 PM



With some help from some of the biggest names in the performance sledding industry, we're about to give our 03 F7 a whole new attitude!
2KOOL style! buttrock.gif

Stay 'tuned'

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#2 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 16 December 2004 - 06:11 PM

Like any project we start, it's gotta get ugly before it gets "perdy"

Doesn't look 2 good here.... but there's a plan in the werx!

and you thought CATS were green ?

The Yellow will stay for adrenalator8. This sled will look the 'part' , to sneak into camp BOMBI and lay down the hurt rollinglaugh.gif

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#3 firecat

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 09:54 PM

looks good keep it up!!! can you say RDL for power coating,,

mabey for next year,,, the skid rails,,,, i did mine in my 03 green
When hell freezes over,, i will ride their too!!!

#4 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 11:36 PM


Lay'n down the lines cool.gif We're in our Happy Place

We'll be cook'n up something sweet for that big bare snout!

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#5 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 11:38 PM

Took a few tries, but finally settled on a pattern that fit the sleds shape

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#6 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 11:40 PM

Strip'd of her old ski, this is one sled cry'n for some new color and that's exactly what she'll get! all in good time. Give us a call if you want a custom sled designed, unique to your color choices and rider style, trail, drag or radar

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#7 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 11:44 PM

Thanks to Rick McCormick over at USI, our new 'SPX' skis look pretty trick, and as you can see, they're already


We'll test the USI SPX ski's then switch over to the new "SS Railer" for some high speed radar action - stay 'tuned'

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#8 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 18 December 2004 - 11:41 AM

If you've never seen a FIRECAT with it's hideous Snuff-a-luffakus snorkel removed, here's what it looks like... far sleeker.. and in our opinion, a hell of a lot better from a side angle. Unfortunately, the hood induction scoop's designed to suck air in so it will reluctantly have to be replaced. We needed to get under it to change some vynl

Thanks to a carefully placed NGK decal, 2KooL member
mshanno's vicious rock throwing assault from last season is now a nasty scar unseen. wacko.gif

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#9 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 18 December 2004 - 11:45 AM

Fat tape's off, as we get closer to making our vynl templates. As thousands are already out jumping logs, dodging exposed boulders, and rip'n down backroads, we're "here"..... just beginning another 2KOOL CUSTOM project that should have been done months ago.. Oh well cheers.gif

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#10 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 18 December 2004 - 09:46 PM


While we're waiting on the new SPEEDWERX pipe, it was time to freshen up that tunnel. Nasty dirty job, but it's just too much of an improvement over bare aluminum not to have done. :P

Another example of what BUSCH aluminum polish can do for your ride! cool.gif



$17.99 CAD can be found on our main home page at www.sled-werx.com

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#11 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 20 December 2004 - 06:22 PM

If there's been one complaint about the 03 F7 it's the seating position that most people were disatisfied with. Especially when the newer release sleds started coming out with higher, firmer seats. That's no longer an issue here on our project F7, as Robert Delegarde from Delux Auto Glass, has turned our once mushy, low ride'n, spine buster, into a new higher, stiffer, more bump absorbing platform for those jumps and bumps we're eager to get to. What we were most impressed with is how invisible to the eye, other than the obvious height increase, Rob was able to make the changes that were necessary. Again.... quality work, and the reason we wouldn't have anyone else doing our custom upholstery

Thanks again Rob!

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#12 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 20 December 2004 - 06:28 PM

thumbsup2.gif That's better for the trail! We'll take the foam back out later on once we start squeez'n some crazy top end numbers ( we'll need to be sitting lower to get out of the wind )[/color]

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#13 Gixxer750

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Posted 21 December 2004 - 03:20 PM

Looking good Spenc. When will she be finished??
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#14 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 21 December 2004 - 03:36 PM

Couple weeks.... Now mind you, our customers sleds are done alot quicker. This one, I'm in no rush to complete as it's my own[/color]

#15 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 23 December 2004 - 12:01 AM

Time for a little "Exhail", and that comes to us from [/color] SPEEDWERX and their single Fat Pipe. From everything we've read, the 03 canister is pretty much as good as it gets, so we'll leave that part of the exhaust it's bulky 13lbs.

If there's one thing that's paramount here at 2KOOL , it's telling it like it is. We'd rather test a product and give you our honest opinion than throw a blind sales comment at our clientele. So far, here's what we know....

Claimed weight savings on the new single pipe is supposed to be 6lbs. With a digital scale, we weighed the stock main pipe with heat shield in at 12lbs 8oz to the SPEEDWERX 8lbs 7oz. Somewhere there's 2lbs floating around that we didn't save. Had we taken the heat shield off the stock pipe, the weight savings would have been even smaller? Regardless, the ceramic coating will keep our new pipe hot on the inside, and that's where the performance benifit is. Is it worth drop'n $379 US?... To save 4lbs and a possible 2-3hp, time will tell. What we do know is, it's one of the only aftermarket single pipes that's dyno'd positive results.

We had to have it for this project because it's so darn 'perdy' , but we're sick like that cool.gif


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#16 mrpolaris18


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Posted 24 December 2004 - 06:01 AM

The ole Cat's looking good Spence. Gotta love that Ceremacoat. Sure makes a set of pipes look and work nice.

#17 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 27 December 2004 - 10:14 PM

One step forward, 2 steps back?

As everyone heads for fresh ice, we're still in the shop, but that's 'ok'. Couple of touch ups here..there....and we'll be lay'n down the vynl in no time.

Hope you're all out enjoy'n your wild rides!


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#18 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 11:17 PM


Time to get all those cat-tails cleaned up - Thanks to [/color]adrenalator8 wacko.gif

He'll like that because it means he was in front, and that's fine. Cat-tails, fallen timber, rocks, small out-sheds... you keep plow'n down the path Bro.... we're right BEEEEE Hind-ya rollinglaugh.gif [/color]

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#19 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 11:19 PM

With nothing left to paint or polish, it's time to close this lid and get ready for the new graphics! [/color]

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#20 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 28 December 2004 - 11:22 PM

Make sure to register up and share your riding thrills n spills with us! Trail conditions, what you ride, where you ride, and any events going on in your area, we'll be doing our best to draw positive attention to your rides and your clubs! cool.gif [/color]

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Posted 29 December 2004 - 11:14 AM

coolani.gif Spenc I just hope this thing will be fast enough to get past the BLUE GOOSE yamaha_rules.gif wanna_race.gif


Or wrench it, til no one can catch it !

#22 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 29 December 2004 - 12:28 PM

Who mentioned anything about speed? catwins2.png You just keep drive'n the guts out of that Screaming Blue 'Thunder Chicken'... I'll want a slice off that when it's ready to calf [/color] "again" rollinglaugh.gif

#23 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 30 December 2004 - 11:54 PM


Parts are starting to filter in for the Project, and these shock covers are really 'something'. We'll most likely go with the Natural Fire Series for this particular project. SHOCK-PROS has a variety of both Flamed and Solid choices, and not for just sleds, 4 wheelers too!

Check em out! We'll be having some FREE draws for our registered members over the course of the season cool.gif


As many new sled part accounts continue to open here through 2KOOL for our clientele, we'll also have this line for you .

Flamed pairs $42 CAD
Solid pairs $37 CAD

As with anything, we'll match or beat any advertised price in the Nation for you[/color] cool.gif


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#24 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 31 December 2004 - 12:15 AM


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#25 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 31 December 2004 - 12:16 AM

After We think they look pretty trick, and cover up some chips and scrapes to boot! :nice:

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#26 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 02 January 2005 - 12:10 PM

Still a work in progress, but with a few more graphics and accessories we'll be ready to roll! No rush as all we're seeing in our region is 'turf', with more rain in the forecast devil_angry.gif

Pictures aren't showing the actual colors here, as what you're seeing is actually bright hunter (safety) orange. Nice and Bright so
[/color] adrenalator8 can see what's in front of him rollinglaugh.gif [/color]

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#27 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 02 January 2005 - 12:12 PM

With the use of some flourescent colors, when the sun goes down, our project sled will turn into REV eat'n 'glow worm' [/color]

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#28 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 02 January 2005 - 12:52 PM

cool.gif This is closer to what you'll see up close as far as color. We feel it's a far improvement over the 1 in a million 03 graphics package. The sled is starting to match better, the FXR RACING apparel that we set out to design it around...... it will all make better sense soon enough [/color]

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#29 mrpolaris18


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Posted 02 January 2005 - 04:24 PM

I'm likin it :nice: See you've even done the 2Kool in reflective.

#30 Guest_Spenc_*

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Posted 05 January 2005 - 01:42 PM

When even the registration #'s have to match,

[yes, we're on medication ]

we count on the pro's to bring our ideas to life. Thanks to Terry Knapp from
TNT DYNAMITE SIGNS here in Prescott, Ont, things are starting to come together![/color]


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