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Posted 20 November 2007 - 05:40 PM

Here's a KOOL new product that will hit the market early to mid December. Take a read below, we'll have these new external jet systems available shortly so please call/email now to avoid delays/new product rush. Clients are already calling for this item.
613 925 4015 sales@2koolperformance.ca

Twin carb kits sell for $119.95 CAD, and single carb kits go for $64.95 CAD. Triple kits we'll provide for $179 CAD

Thunder PowerJet Kit

From Thunder Products

Here’s a new twist on an old method; adding a power jet to a carburetor. Remember those? Simple power jets have been used for years as a method of improving the calibration on bigger carbs, like what sleds use. A Power jet consists of a fuel pickup in the bottom of the float bowl, connected through a fuel hose to a spray nozzle that protrudes into the incoming air stream going into the carburetor.

How and why is this an advantage? Using a power jet allows you to lean down the main jet circuit with far less fear that the engine will seize on top end, as the power jet supplies the rest of the fuel needed on top end. This has several advantages. Throttle response improves dramatically, and since most riding is done at partial throttle settings, fuel economy is improved as well. Power is improved at any temperature or elevation.

What makes the Thunder PowerJet different from a “simple” power jet is that it is adjustable! It has a Viton needle valve (needle and seat) for precision adjustment. It allows for extra fuel to be added to the total fuel delivery, adding to the fuel from the rest of the carb jets. It can be set to the tune of adding zero fuel, all the way to adding as much fuel as a 500 main jet can supply. Think of it as giving you an external adjustment of around 10-12 jet sizes, minimum! A large knurled knob with an index pointer makes adjustment easy (and no more digging into the carburetor).

The strongest fuel signal is in the 1/2” circle in the center of the carb bore. The further away you move from the center of the bore, the later the TPJ comes on. Fuel flow will begin at approximately half throttle delivering progressively more fuel and reaching maximum efficiency in the 3/4 to full throttle range. The TPJ will improve mid to top end throttle response and protect you from leaning out with extended full throttle runs.

The TPJ is great for piped engines because power comes on at higher than stock rpm’s, so fuel can be easily added in this area without suffering through a rich condition in the lower rpm areas. It also works extremely well on turbo, nitrous and blower applications.

A one-way check valve is included, so you don’t have to suck the fuel all the way from the float bowl. The TPJ body and all hardware are nickel-plated to resist corrosion, and the viton seals on the adjustable needle and seat are compatible with all fuels, including race gas and alcohol.

Some may wonder how this differs from a Dial-A-Jet. The Thunder PowerJet is not air corrected like a Dial-A-Jet, so there’s no mixing chamber or emulsion mixture. This is raw fuel being delivered here. Thus, the range of adjustability in terms of total fuel delivered is greater.

Mountain riders can calibrate their sled to work best at any elevation. As they come down the mountain they can add fuel to maintain safe ratios. Or, let’s say you wake up and the temps are colder than your jetting is safe for. No problem, tweak your TPJ and add some more fuel, quickly and easily. The options are many.

Add the Thunder PowerJet to any carbed engine and you instantly gain the benefit of (quick and easy) external adjustability. Then add to it the benefits of having a powerjet. Generally, the bigger the carbs and larger the engine, the greater the performance benefit. Big bore twins are prime candidates (like ones with 38mm, 40mm or honking 44mm Mikuni carbs). Sleds with smaller carbs would still see gains and would also benefit from the external adjustability.

Each kit comes with complete instructions and necessary mounting hardware. Installation is easy and tech support is available at www.thunderproducts.com

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Posted 21 November 2007 - 02:35 PM

been running them for years in megatrons.
Also the old dial a jet system was similar too.
Jet it lean on bottem and open up the power jet for top end.

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