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Posted 22 September 2007 - 09:48 PM


One of our preferred methods of payment is Online Bankings new

All the big banks in Canada provide this feature and it's a safe/secure and immediate method of payment where once paid we can then act on your product orders immediately, meaning we can ship the same day in most cases. It's the same as if you were here paying by cash in person or by debit card.

Here's what you do:

Where you pay any of your bills online, look for an adjacent area to the right of left most likely described as ALTERNATIVE BILL PAYMENT METHODS or OTHER BILL PAYMENT METHODS. In that section/area you should see EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER , or ONLINE INTERACT EMAIL FUNDS TRANSFER or something similar.

You set us up as a new bill payer by adding our sales@2koolperformance.ca email address, that is what you make payment to. When you go through the process you will be asked to provide a Security Question that will be sent along with your email money transfer to us by email. The answer you provide to that security question you will then need to provide to us by email or by phone so we can securely retrieve your payment. If you call us and the lines are busy, simply leave a message with your name and the code word or security question answer.

Once you get on to using this service you'll be glad you did, over 75% of our satisfied clients across Canada are paying us by this quick/easy, immediate and secure payment method.

WHY DO WE PREFER Online Bankings EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER over Pay Pal or Credit Card

Cients ask us this all the time, so here are the answers

#1 - Onine Banking is more secure
#2 - When you transfer funds to us by Pay Pal it takes 5-7 business days for us to transfer those funds into our bank account, meaning product cannot ship to you until those funds are transfered and we have secure payment.
#3 - Onine Bankings EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER is "immediate", you can send money for a part we have in stock and we can ship 'same day' in most cases
#4 - Everyone knows of the excessively high Pay Pal transaction chargers/fee's
#5 - Realistically in todays world you should NEVER use your credit card over the phone
#6 - We have to charge you 3% on credit card purchases ( to cover the fee the banks charge Merchants )
#7 - It takes 12-18 hrs for credit card authorizations to pass to provide secure funds transfer

You can also make payment by direct deposit at any BANK OF MONTREAL Branch in Canada. Simply call and we'll provide you the account information which we track online

Thank you for your continued business
Brent D Spencer
President - 2KOOL Performance Inc

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