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11second stang for sale !

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Posted 12 October 2004 - 06:32 PM

I'm back to school and I wont be able to afford the car anymore for too long. Plus I need an appartment also. So I got to get rid of my baby. I had the car for 2 years now and I invested a LOT. Have all the bills for it also.

Here are the specs:
-1995 Sapphire blue GTS ( 1of 96 )
-302ci, 5speed
-Power windows, locks, mirrors, cloth seats (black and grey interior)
-No a/c (removed)
-Kenwood CD player, Kenwood equalizer, Bazooka 4 tracks amp.
-121000kms, NO winter, NO rust, hardly no rain (3rd owner..I think)
-Cruise control, tint windows
-Clifford alarm

Here are the exterior mods:
-Clear headlights and corner lights
-Rear bumper chrome lettering (Mustang GT)
-2 sets of wheels
***15 x 7 V6 wheels (ok shape)
***15 x 8 Weld Prostars and 15 x 4 Weld Prostars skinnies
-BFG Comp TA Drag Radials 275/50/15 and Futura 165r15(skinnie)

Here are the engine mods:
-stock block
-Machined crankshaft 10/10 (heat threated also) with new crank and rod bearings (less than 800kms on it)
-Rebuild waterpump (less than 800kms on it)
-New dampner/balancer (about 1200kms on it)
-AirFlowResearch 165's 61cc stud aluminium heads (less than 800kms on it)
-FTI custom cam (less than 800kms on it)
-Edelbrock Performer intake (less than 800kms on it)
-Trickflow hardened pushrods (less than 800kms on it)
-CompCam Pro Magnum 1.6 RR stud mount 3/8 (less than 800kms on it)
-BBK 70mm throttle body (less than 800kms on it)
-24pds injectors (less than 800kms on it)
-ProM 80mm W/airfilter calibrated for 24pds injectors (less than 800kms on it)
-SVO timing chain 9 positions keyways (less than 800kms on it)
-New FRPP roller lifters (less than 800kms on it)
-180* thermostat (less than 800kms on it)
-Energy engine mounts (less than 800kms on it)
-MAc underdrive pulleys
-BBK chrome longtube headers (1 year old)
-BBK O/R H-Pipe (1 year old)
-FLowmaster American Thunder exhaust 2 1/2in (1 year old)
-Accufab fuel pressure reg. (less than 800kms on it)
-EEC Tuner
-Rebuild T5 (less than 800kms on it)
-New FRPP flywheel (less than 800kms on it)
-Spec stage1 clutch (less than 800kms on it)
-UPR triple-hook quadrant and firewall adjuster (less than 300kms on it)
-Pro 5.0 shifter (2 years old)
-3:90 gears (1 year old) and have a set of spare 3:55's
-FRPP aluminium driveshaft (less than 800kms on it)
-TCI line-lock (1 year old)
-Rebuild rearend (2 weeks ago)
-Lakewood front struts 70/30 (less than 800kms on it)
-Kenny Brown subframe connectors bolted AND welded by a really good welding shop (less than 800kms on it)
-X2C Motorsports upper and lower control arms (less than 800kms on it)
-Raptor shiftlight (less than 400kms on it)
-Autometer dash cluster
-Autometer water temperature mechanical gauge and A/F ratio gauge
-summit fuel pressure gauge(rail) (less than 800kms on it)
-NEW NitrousExpress 35-50-100-125-150 adjustable wet shot (NEVER USED)
-NX GENX-2 kit which includes downtube, purge, nitrous pressure gauge, fuel pressure safety switch and bottle heater. (NEVER USED)
-UPR ashtray switch panel
-MSD rpm window switch

I also got the Xenon bodykit that was removed earlier this summer and practicly all of the stock parts. 26 x 10 x 15 Very good condition ET Drags that I bought used but never had the chance of using them yet.

As you can see, there's a lot of money invested. The car runs VERY strong. On the motor, since I didnt use the spray yet, I had a best of 12.8@108mph at the Luskville track. That was with the drag radials on 100% street trim with all the seats and everything. And I was only able to spin 1 wheel that day because of the rearend. Now it's rebuild. I'm positive I could do 12.6@109 with better traction and colder weather. Normal shifting also. I dont power shift. The car pulls the driver wheel off the ground by about 2-3 inches for 1/2 to a full car lenght. Lots of witnesses for that. I drive the car like an old lady on the street. I dont abuse it at all. Too much money invested to start playing. On the track, I drive it hard but safe. 302's are tough..We all know that. Since I havent been on a dyno, I dont know how much it's pushing. But with these times, I'm assuming around 300rwhp and 325rwtq. The car will see 11's EASILY. Just a matter of actualy trying the nitrous system..


With bodykit and old wheels:

So that's it. I honnestly dont know what I should be asking for it. I'll propably end up getting it appraised. I know I'll be losing a lot of money as this car is pretty much "finished" ( to a limit) as far as building a regular 302 EFI n/a goes. All the goodies are in there. I could strip it down of all the aftermarket parts and sell it stock but I'll try to sell it like it is right now. But I'll try to get 17000$

PM me or email me at cayusse@hotmail.com or phone 819-561-3925 ....or cell 819-665-6066 THANKS.... Mario

Other pics of parts:

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