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How to adjust timing

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Posted 27 November 2004 - 01:14 PM

First step of timing adjustment or checking is to take out the spout connector. The spout connector is located on the end of the wires coming off the distributor. Note Picture. Simply pull on the spout to remove it.

Next you want to mark your timing marks with a chalk, marker or whiteout. Mark the 10* and then mark 12-13*. (Note. Most normally aspirated 5.0L Mustangs like the timing around 10-14* this is not true for all Mustangs. Some will take more others less.)

Next loosen the Distributor retaining bolt. It is a . Using A socket with a swivel end will help, as will an extension. Loosen the distributor enough that you can turn it freely.

Next hook up your timing light. Very simple to do, red goes to positive battery terminal, black goes to ground, and the pick-up goes on the #1 spark plug wire. The #1 wire should be noted on the top of the distributor cap.

Now we are ready to fire the car up. (usually it is best to set timing when the car is warm, so a short 5-10 min drive before hand would not hurt) With the car running you are now ready to adjust the timing. Simply point the timing light at the marks you made earlier, and see where the light flashes on the marker. If the timing has not be adjusted before, it should be roughly around 10* .

To adjust turn the distributor slowly left or right to advance or retard the timing. Once you have the timing set where you want it, shut the car off, re connect the spout, tighten down the retaining bolt, and take the car for a test drive. Listen for any pinging, especially under load at wide open throttle. (simple way to check is to drive up a steep hill, and floor the gas pedal and listen for pinging)

Congrats you have just set your timing. Now remember that the more you advance your timing, the more octane is required to prevent detonation. At this point you will want to run a gas with a 91-93 Octane.

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