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Posted 25 April 2005 - 01:23 PM

Tuning help for ADA RACING perf carbs

Tuning of the carburetor requires patience; this is a high performance modification. Do not expect to bolt the carb kit on, set it to the initial settings, and have it run perfect. Carb tuning is affected by atmospheric conditions (i.e. altitude, air temperature, humidity), other engine modifications (i.e. pipe, reed, porting), gearing, and gas/oil ratio.

Set the carb to the initial settings, 2 turns open on the high speed and 1-1/4 turn on the low speed. You will need to turn the screws clockwise until they lightly stop, do not over tighten. Then back out the screws to the initial settings. When fine tuning, adjustments should be done in small increments, 1/16th of a turn. Plus, you need to pay close attention to the changes that are made. If an adjustment makes it run worse, then turn the adjustment screw the other way.

It is always better to first adjust richer, screw out, then adjust leaner. Running too rich will not hurt the engine, it may only foul a spark plug. Too lean of a setting can result in a piston seizure, damaging the piston, rings, and cylinder wall.

The low speed screw will also affect the idle, if the low speed is set too rich, it will not idle.

Robert Park

Sales Director

ADA Racing