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2010 Big Dog Award

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Posted 15 November 2009 - 11:00 AM

SLED-WERX Racing's FROZEN THUNDER Snowmobile Forums

' BIG DOG Award ' 2010

This years BIG DOG Award is for Best Top End MPH in 2000 feet - NO LIMIT in cc displacement. This seasons change is to bring out the Baddest / Fastest Sleds in North America!

Shaved, Bored, Piped/nitrous/Supercharged/Twin Turbo'd - This seasons event will determine the ULTIMATE BIG DOG! buttrock.gif flag_canada.gif flag_usa.gif


- NO LIMIT on cc displacement ( Anything goes for engine size, 4-5 engines , 2000+ HP - BRING IT !!! )
- times must be witnessed and recorded from a DEAD STOP in 2000' by sactioned even staff, NBSSR staff or 2KOOL Performance Staff
- video proof of runs must be provided to sales@2koolperformance.ca

Each season we set a different 'distance' and 'eligibility criteria' to allow more people to participate.

NOTE: If not from a sanctioned event we must be provided proof of 2000' run by video clip showing radar proof of top speed from start to finish including radar board result. As much visual proof of run provided will determine eligibilty, and 2KOOL Performance Inc reserves the right to deny any entry from lack of information to determine 'dead stop' starts or length of runs Contest ends March 31/2010

Our coveted brag'n rights hunk of brass has come back from the 2009 BIG DOG AWARD winner Jeff Halden. This years winner takes possession of the BIG DOG site trophy on or after March 31/2008 and will retain the award to admire and show off until October 31, 2010

Keep an eye on the site as we're always posting when and where we're showing up regionally ( see - safe ice "WE'RE THERE" ) wanna_race.gif

Get the wrenches out, we'll have all the pics and action in this specific thread for you as the winter gets roll'n

2008 'BIG DOG Award' winner - Serge Parent
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Here are our 2010 BIG DOG Award Sponsors and this years prizes [/color][/size]


CURVE INDUSTRIES will provide a complete set of CURVE XS ski's to our 2010 BIG DOG Award Winner

Attached Image: monthly_11_2009/post-1-1258299542.png

We site tested the CURVE XS ski last winter on our on-site PROJECT DRAGON 800SP with amazing results. Of all the ski's we provide the CURVE XS ski has been the best handling, best performing and easiest steering ski we've tested to date!

Special thanks to Nick & Shawn from CURVE INDUSTRIES for their continued support, it's a pleasure to be an authorized dealer for CURVE INDUSTRIES here in Canada


ARCTIC FX GRAPHICS will provide a complete set of sled decals/graphics to this years 2010 BIG DOG Award Winner !

Attached Image: monthly_11_2009/post-1-1258299886.gif

Owner Jordan Yankee helped us last season with both our DRAGON and XTX site builds, their products are TOP NOTCH! ARCTIC FX GRAPHICS provides endless sled graphic kits so make sure to check them out online and shoot us back an email with the part #'s you require for no excellent, no-border-hassle Canadian Pricing - ARCTIC FX will have your sleds looking as FAST as they perform!

Special thanks to ARCTIC FX GRAPHICS for their continued support, it's a pleasure to be an authorized dealer for ARCTIC FX GRAPHICS here in Canada

When it comes to making our clents FAST we start on the ice testing and tuning manufactures products to provide only the very best radar proven products on the Market.
SLED-WERX Racing PROJECT FXR F7 shown below - fastest 'stock motor' F7 in North America at 133.9mph
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Posted 09 February 2010 - 03:48 PM

Our first OFFICIAL entry to this years BIG DOG AWARD comes from this past weekends NBSSR even in North Bay.

Team LEVAC ( Eric Levac , Joe Leger ) went 164.1 in
at north bay this weekend with their turbo 1200 Firecat firecats_rule.gif

Congrats Eric, so far you're our entry BIG DOG! will see how you hold up once "word" on the street gets out

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 02:15 PM

Tom Mcconky leads our BIG DOG AWARD with his 4 cylander anderson laydown that has recently run 189.5mph in 2000' at NBSSR

waiting on picture. Please have Tom send to sales@2koolperformance.ca

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