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How to Clean your IAB Valve

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Posted 28 November 2004 - 02:16 PM

Cleaning your Idle Air Bypass Valve (IAB Valve) is a quick and easy solution to try when trying to get a smoother idle. Cleaning the IAB can help with Idle surge, rough idle etc.

To start disconncet the harness running to the IAB. Next you will want to remove the IAB by loosening the 2 bolts that hold it onto the Throttle Body. Be careful when taking the IAB off that you do not rip the gasket on the TB. Most times this gasket can be re-used.

With the IAB off the car, you have a choice to spary a carb cleaner into the opening, or you can take the IAB apart even more to make sure it gets a good cleaning.

To seprate the IAB into 2 pieces, loosen the 2 Phillips screws and once again, be careful not to tear the gasket. Once you have the IAB apart take note of how the parts come out, they will only go back in one way so no worries of mixing things up. You can now spray with a parts cleaner, or soak in a cleaner.

Re-assemble the IAB and follow the above steps in reverse order to re-intsall the IAB.

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