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Project "mild 2 Wild"

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Posted 27 August 2006 - 01:17 PM

Oh shit Spenc car is looking good bowdown.gif

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Posted 26 November 2006 - 07:25 PM

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Racing Transmissions LLC


Backs Project MILD 2 WILD - Products roll in to Hook us up hard in 1/4 mile! bowdown.gif

We received this help after our 3rd National FUN FORD Weekend Series Best Of Show win and I'll tell you personally I was never so 'thrilled' about gaining support for the car as I was with this specific area/part of the project.

There's a story about this specific piece to our MILD 2 WILD build on 1FUN TOY, and how we got directed to DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions. It starts from when I was a kid, only 8-9 yrs old and it involves Doug "Fireball" Miller from the local region here who was for a short time a direct influence on me personally. Married to my Mother at the time Doug would take me to the track with his crew on weekends, on race day he would let me ride in the car up to the burnout area where the crew would take me safely from the car and I'd watch Doug peel down the 1/4 mile, the sounds, the smell, it was awesome...what a thrill! - that would stay with me a lifetime. 30 some years later with that love of the sport of making all things go FAST still ingrained in me from years past I found myself now looking for a tranny for a hot rod Mustang build I was involved in with this crazy new business I had started - 2KOOL PERFORMANCE. It couldn't be just anyone's tranny, it had to be something 'serious', something 'race proven', to hold up to some crazy arse power we'd be now able to put to 1FUN TOY with such great sponsors as VORTECH, NITROUS EXPRESS, CRANE CAMES, TRICKFLOW, COAST HIGH , ACCUFAB etc etc.. ( the list has become endless ). It was Doug Miller at a Brockville Car show a couple years ago who said "you should give the Miller's at DYNAMIC a look, from down in Connecticut...'they're class people and if they seen this car and what you've done with it, I'm sure they'd want their products showcased in it with all these other great companies". Doug had been close friends with the Millers at DYNAMIC for years and spoke very highly of their products. I took Doug's advice , and headed to New Hampshire for FUN FORD, the Millers at DYNAMIC knew I was coming! They would be there promoting their products and meeting with racers at the event. It was 'purrrrfect' timing but I had to "WIN", not because they said so but because I had to win or I wasn't going to approach them for support. DYNAMIC was curious about the car and I said at the time before even heading down that I was going to win that event and bring them a 6' trophy to their trailer, that I would show them how serious I was about WINNING and 'earning' the support I needed to put a really fast Mustang project together, and hoped that would be enough to gain their support. As luck would have it, I was able to show Mr Miller that trophy and he shook my hand and said " you said you'd do it " - good for you, and you have my total support".

Today I'm glad to be able to thank the Miller's at DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions LLC for their gracious support of our in house MILD 2 WILD hot rod build on 1FUN TOY. Another piece of our MILD 2 WILD build in tact.... all good!

Thanks again JR, and to your Dad who it was such a pleasure to meet at FUN FORD! The parts look amazing and super strong! I'll do my part to test'em flag_canada.gif

Here's what we received, and all the great DYNAMIC Racing Transmission LLC products are now available through 2KOOL PERFORMANCE bowdown.gif

1- Mighty Mite 'M2'.

C4 Transmission with: Hardened Input Shaft; 'Solid Strength' Fwd. Drum; 6-clutch Direct Drum 'Power Pack'; Kevlar Intermediate Band; Rollerised Planetary System with 'Full-Roller' Front Planetary; Lightened Drive Shell; DYNAMIC Reverse Manual Valve Body w/Brake (External Solenoid. This is DYNAMIC designed- best on the market, 1st to hold at any RPM, fastest, most consistent available. Comes as standard Mighty Mite style, or Pro-Tree); 'Blueprinted' Pump w/DYNAMIC-designed SOLID Teflon Sealing Rings; Deep Al Pan w/Full Wraparound Cooling Fins, Drain Plug, Side Plug for Temp. Probe (this is without doubt the coolest looking pan on the market!); SFI Bellhousing- one-piece bolt-up, no extra adapters needed- Available for SBF, 157 and 164 Tooth, Modular, and Big Block.

.......................$2550 US RN/ $2945 CAD ( including shipping and all expenses - picked in Prescott Ontario. )

2. TCT 'Renegade 9' Drag famous Converter - $1295 US $1499 CAD


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Posted 04 February 2007 - 08:46 PM

Joe D'Sousa sent a couple pic's to us today of the new motor. Sweet valve covers.... The one's we'll use are out for painting and are the stock OEM covers, but I'm dig'n Joe's version here on the motor.

Thanks for the pic's Joe. http://www.dsousaperformance.com/

Come spring we'll be back at 1FUN TOY!

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Posted 15 April 2007 - 01:52 PM

Got some parts back today from the painter.

We'd like to thank Mark from Mr Cars Paint 613 938 2250 for his help on this project while our normal painter was dealing with an illness. These parts below painted by Mr Cars Paint will head to Mike Kelly from Kelly's Kustom Paint here shortly to get some 3D 'flame action'. In the meantime it's time to get the car on the hoist and paint the underside once more before we make the trek to D'Sousa Performance in Milton to have the motor dropped in. We may elect at that time to throw in Dynamic Racing Mighty Mite Racing C4 to save some time.

hope all your own projects are going good!

PS: I'm coming to get you Ricky Boooby ( Scott Winger L! )

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Posted 15 April 2007 - 08:31 PM

TCI Sponsors Project MILD 2 WILD

We would like to thank all the great people at TCI - Performance Transmissions and Torque Converters for their help with a TransSHIELD for our project Hot Rod Mustang Build. Should this project build come 'unglued' at the track we want to keep our feet, so this was a precautionary measure well recommended. Thanks again TCI! great piece! we'll leave it bright red ( I think L! )

http://www.tciauto.com/ check out the great line-up of performance products from TCI . You can acquire all parts right here through 2KOOL PERFORMANCE cool.gif

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Posted 16 April 2007 - 08:44 AM

Send me that cap and hold down. I have a pile of parts getting prepped for paint (Calypso), too. Mines still a beautiful bright shiny red. LOL. Parts look great Spenc. Nice to see you're back at it.



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Posted 21 April 2007 - 07:15 PM

Hey Spenc do you think you can spot me that dart block for the summer i don't thnk my 302 will hold 15 pounds of boost for long. This is one bad ass ride.

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Posted 21 April 2007 - 09:07 PM

We can certainly help you with a new block..... We'll test the DART block here with some bizarre boost #'s I'm sure ( we'll have a 300 HP NX plate set up for backup )

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Posted 30 September 2007 - 02:10 PM

With some recent "Motivation" , we're back at the in-house "Mild 2 Wild" Mustang Hot Rod Project. We'd like thank Mike Kelly from Kelly's Kustom Paint in Iroquois Ont, for bringing our ideas to life. Very pleased with how these recent additions for the car turned out. ( and there's more come'n )

In the coming weeks we'll get the fenders pulled off the car to start our engine bay 'revamp'.

stay tuned as always and best of luck with your own rides!

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Posted 30 March 2009 - 10:27 AM

Due to the success of our business and all it's divisions in full swing , this project build is now FOR SALE due to time constraints

We will continue along and we will see this build completed here as time permits or possibly sooner with a new owner. This is a proven championship level show car capable of placing in the top 3 at any National level show in North America, as well it will be a stout performer at the track. The car is scheduled with 5.0 MUSTANG Magazine for a feature shoot upon completion as well. The taller trophies shown below beside the car are BEST OF SHOW FUN FORD Weekend Series awards, someone said it was fluke we won ONE, so we went back the next year and won #2, rumors still persisted that we got LUCKY winning two years in a row so we worked away on the car and took it back the following year and won #3 which was never done before in the history of FUN FORD

We will be in full support and contact with the new owner of this project build providing our help and assistent. As well to its completion should an interested party come forward, all parts for this build from this point until finished would be at dealer cost for the new owner/s. The list of mods to date are endless and only the very best products have been aquired during this build. 33 spline axles and a straight MOSER spool are waiting to be installed with the Vortech T Trim ( we wanted the loudest unit made L! ) and 300 shot of NX Express

Joe D'Sousa is prepared to install the ready to mount new completed motor as soon as we get the car back from paint - currently we have the car scheduled to have the inner engine bay side walls smoothed and we'll be wrapping flames inside the motor area.

for SERIOUS inquries we ask you to please email us at sales@2koolperformance.ca

As much as I would personally love to complete this project ( and we will in time if it's not sold before hand ) we feel it would be a better business decision at this time to put a 'not so serious' ride on the street at this time as a daily driver.

Some pictures provided below, the interior seat pics shown are older pics, was not 100% pleased with the fabric so the fronts are now redone in leather with the same matching color accents- rear seat to be completed to match

331 stroker
Dart iron eagle machined block
Forged internals
TFS R heads - Ported
Probe Spyder intake - ported
Custom Blower cam- D'Sousa Performance/Crane Cams
60lbs injectors
SCT custom tuning
Dynamic Transmission - Mighty Mite M2, TCT 'Renegade 9' Drag Converter with " LAUNCH STICK "
etc etc

As always we appreciate the industries support and every in-house project build whether sled/car/truck etc have all been very successful positive builds

wish everyone well

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 06:54 PM

1FUN TOY can be seen at D'Sousa Performance in Milton Ontario as Joe and staff complete final install of new motor build/tranny etc.

Was great to finally meet Joe in person and I can tell as a fellow business operator that Joe takes what he does very seriously. Joe's shop was meticulously well kept and organized and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Make sure to stop in and say "hey" to the guys in Milton! This car build as mentioned about will be auctioned off on EBAY after completion so now's the chance to grab if interested.

Here's some recent pics!

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Posted 17 January 2011 - 07:58 PM

Joe and crew are sending down pics as they get them

working through some bugs with some cosmetics - so far so good

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