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What Can i Not Say about the spenc?

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 02:01 PM

everyone that has ever tried to buy performance parts in canada knows what i am going to be taking about:

- tring to find the parts closest to use so we dont get anal-ized from customs charges/duty and general shipping

- ususally ending up buying from some place in the states and thinking were getting a good deal...but when i actually shows up (way later than promised) we get hit with all the hidden charges...do they need even more tax money????

then i came acoss the 2kool website, and was litarally blown away...brent did everthing in his ability to get me the parts i was looking for, not a light task, and spent hours on the phone tring to get me the best price on shipping cause i live in "HELL" lol talke about dedication!!!!

when it was all said and done, got the parts i needed for a decent price, and best of all got treated right and fair...most importantly I felt valued, not a number...it wouldnt have been hard for him to say he was too busy to help me out, and that would have been understandable being in the posion he is in, and the amount of business 2kool is doing right now...but he didnt and thats rare in our society...

i don't know how you do it, but you guys are head and shoulders above the competition...and you guys are only going to reap the benefits of a sucessful company...

thanks again,
Paul Brinston

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 09:15 PM

For the record........ We have called around to the local authorities and can say Paul Brinston is "not" a Homosexual rollinglaugh.gif

4 years ago when all this was just a thought, the first thing I promissed myself was - regardless of who called in the most disolate, remote , 'hell to find' location we would help them if they needed help making something Look Good or Go Fast! As much as I'm totally flattered by your comments as a new 2KOOL Client Paul, I can also say that in the 4yrs now that we've been in business we have never 'not' been able to help a client regardless of where they're located..... nor
'not provided' a product they needed - that to me would be unacceptable

This wasn't the hardest location to serve Paul, and SPEED willing, product will be arriving to you sooner than later

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