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Sled-werx Racing - Project Dragon 800sp

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 07:07 PM

QUOTE (Captain America @ Jan 4 2009, 06:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So Spenc

Both tests with stock clutching and new clutch kit were done with the Vforce 3's installed right?

That is correct - 106 mph in 1000' from a dead stop we're happy with so far, given we're just getting started, was frustrating waiting on safe ice and time here is "VERY" limited for testing as you can imagine

everything we've done to the sled to date is all posted here in this one topic thread.

we'll improve on these numbers in coming weeks with some gearing combo's which we'll provide

stay 'tuned'

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 07:09 PM

What about the guys without the vforce reeds? Do these clutch kits negatively affect the sleds without them. My point being if the clutch kit is meant to slow down track spin and the vforce reeds are meant for better throttle response, would a machine without the reeds installed and with the new clutch kit be a sleeper on the start of a race?

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 07:21 PM

not at all, the addition of VFore 3 reeds will not affect the clutching here, and Rich can confirm

Here's something to think about for now...

before we started to get "really" serious with our PROJECT FXR F7 build ( meaning fine tuning the chassis to the 10th degree ) these numbers (shown below ) were recorded on Stalker Radar - thought this would be interesting to compare to where we are at currently at 106mpn with the D8. The numbers below were from the F7 with speed track/pics, USI ss railers ( test proven to add 2-3mph top end ) and the sled was slammed

the speeds below are using the same gearing/clutching for all 3 distances on the same day - imagine having a 700cc sled that would not only haul to 1000' but would continue to haul right to 130+ mph - that sled we had 'dialed in'
( you getting this "MEATHEAD" )

3000' - 130.3 mph
2000' - 124.9 mph
1000' - 111.0 mph

this info taken from page 6 of our F7 build

we're currently running 106 with just the addtion of the DYNO PORT clutch kit , VFORCE 3 reeds, NGK Iridium plugs along with our rear skid frame Wahl Brothers inner wear resistent idler wheel set up and of course a swap from 15" 1.25 ripsaw to the 1" hacksaw... but again we're using TRAIL STUDS and running in TRAIL FORM at TRAIL HEIGHT

I should add that when we focused on 1000' drags with the F7 ( in race mode - fully slammed etc ) and using asphalt clutching we were probably running close to 114 in 1000' to run against Dave Bullen's D&D Big Bore F1200 on nitrous - when you get serious in this distance you have to focus on ET's over MPH

give us a few weeks here , will get this thing rocking "IF" she doesn't pop first

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 09:05 PM


I am very interested in these clutch kits. I will be ordering one from you in the next week b4 our races on the 24th of this month. Does this kit pertain to only sleds with studs or certain lug heights? We are installing an 1 1/2" rip saw track on the sled and no studs. So if the new clutch kit creates less track spin then it might not necessarily work for my application.

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 11:15 PM

Hey Spenc,

Thx for the day out on the ICE!!
I hope all of you enjoy everything Spenc posted. He spends painstaking time measuring then re-measuring, taking tons of pictures, and then writing notes and posting on the site all the results. Cudo's to you big Guy! (for all the hard work). As for what Brent posted ALL is accurate on my accord. I was very pleased with how my Apex ran and I have to say that when I got the chance to take a quick rip on the D8 I was all smiles. The front end on the D8 is AMAZING!! Very stable, plush, yet aggressive. I guess what I'm tring to say is if someone rolls one of these D8's they must be Drunk and acting like an ASS! I think it's a fun Ride!!

Now, Spenc you do know the next time we get out I'm going to hunt you down Again!!!


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Posted 05 January 2009 - 11:42 PM

I was laughing about this just last night in the shop ( I mean the 'warehouse', I mean the far 'hanger' L!) thinking back a few years to when we battled 'mono a mono' up and down the Nation - that little blue squishy fish with the old goat growl of yours (SRX) inspired allot of our F7 success.

I've said it for years - FAST SLEDS MAKE FAST SLEDS
let the games begin and to all who read the benifit of our

106 in 1000' with Monster Truck Suspension - and we just started
guess we have a Little Fire Breath'n Dragon in the "WERX"
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Posted 06 January 2009 - 10:32 AM

great job spence ,look foward to your posts on all forums.no snow in nl ,only got 70 miles on my sled.hopefully by the time i have 400 miles on it & ready for mods you guys will have a few more feild tested products . let r rip spence ,dont stop tell you hit the 135 mph mark lol.

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Posted 06 January 2009 - 01:05 PM

Just talked to APEX AL

direct quote from AL on his 'crackberry'

" I'm coming out with some 'trickeries', and I'M COMING OUT HARD!!!"

2Funny - and we better be prepared come our next "SHOW DOWN"

Look to be on the Rideau ( Old River Road ) this Sunday for more testing

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Posted 07 January 2009 - 10:20 PM

Mentioned earlier our temperatures have been heating up when ripping up the river to the tune of 158 degrees. We'll swap back to the standard length snow flap for trail use, but we're thinking it has more to do with a non efficient cooling routing problem that was brought up in early winter dyno tests at DynoTech Research. To add we checked our coolant and it was at 100% concentration, WAY too rich , you want this at approx 60 / 40 ( 60 % anti freeze 40% distilled water ), here's our 'from dealer' concentration on the LEFT and we'll start cycling some distilled water into our overflow to get a more acceptable mixture.

anyone having heating issues may want to start here as we look to fix our own cooling issue

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Posted 07 January 2009 - 10:34 PM

Our Day at DYNOTECH Research is fast approaching and one of the things Jim asked us to do was to seal up our stock D8 air box. A pain to get out of the sled without question and had we known this was important we would have sealed it up properly when we were adding the VFORCE 3 reed set

she's ready for the dyno Jim!

Apparently the air boxes although excellent in design 'can' suck hot air and belt dust in through the center seam due to the plastic flexing and the seam then coming open at times. They're a two piece unit and once you get them out of the sled you will see what we're talking about. Personally I think this is a bit over-kill, but like all our in-house builds this sled will be FOR SALE once we're finished so the new owner may appreciate this being completed. Jim feels with a more securely sealed air box it will give the parts that we test at DTR more accuracy, I'm sure DYNO PORT and BIKEMAN will be pleased to know Jim is taking this very seriously... we have the cut fingers to prove it!! be CAREFUL in and around the engine and belt cover there's some RAZOR sharp sides just itch'n for flesh!

We've sealed with silicone and then added heat tape to the air box

PS: put a roll of heat tap on RICH's tab Jim

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 09:46 AM

Attached Image: post-1-1231515325.gif SHELL Canada - GAS with ethonal explained

We are heading to Dynotech Research for our DAY WITH THE DRAGON and one of the questions Jim asked us was to find out from SHELL Canada what % of Ethanol was in the gas at the pumps. Jim knows we've been running 91 PREMIUM in the sled here with WIRES PLUGGED IN/TOGETHER. The sled is running VERY strong as testing shows and nothing about the sled indicates it is running too fat/rich up top

here is what SHELL told us this morning

They follow very STRICT legislation here in Canada with Ethonal fuels and the ONLY fuels they provide with Ethonal or up to 10% I should say are the BRONZE 87 octane and thier SILVER 89 octane.

the SHELL 91 Premium does not have 'any' enthanol nor does any of their other premium gases

this we wanted to post because someone posted on HCS recently that all the SHELL gasses had up to 10% ethonal - that is untrue

again our sled is not running rich or fat ( from a visual inspection ) and we'll get a closer look on the dyno tomorrow at Dynotech Research

stay 'tuned'

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Posted 11 January 2009 - 11:56 AM


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Got in late last night, 4 hrs to go down, 6hrs to come home tonight in a blizzard from Batavia all the way to North of Watertown, not fun.... 60km an hour max, many accidents

3 bent clutch pullers and a new colored primary is all we have to show for over 10hrs on the road but we met some great people and learned a little bit earlier tonight watching a couple runs using our own ECU on Wayne's Mule Dragon - hope they made out ok...

VERY FRUSTRATING for us - will try to get on ice today for gearing testing

Good to finally meet Jim and Rich - Rich I need to relax? L! you are "WIRED" and what's up with the giant hands they don't match the torso - you're like a human tree-frog for cryps sake LOL!

Nice Big Volume Dragon 800 pipe stampings by the way..... very smooth, was very impressed - now get one coated and shipped up here already I came home with no PCIII or Pipe !!!


Sled on the bench, things were exciting at this point until we through a puller at the primary

Attached Image: post-1-1231691967.jpg

We tried EVERY trick known in the industry to safely pull our secondary and it WASN'T COMING OFF!! Even the lube/make shift hydraulic method, fire/ice/BFH she was ceized from the factory to the crank surely. Very frustrating, POLARIS will have to answer for a fix for this under warranty banghead.gif For now we'll keep testing

Attached Image: post-1-1231691981.jpg

with our sled on the trailer Wayne Stoutner's MULE was on the bench and ready to be WORKED

Attached Image: post-1-1231693303.jpg

here's a shot of Jim in his Happy Place, behind the controls with XXX ( the liquid version )

Attached Image: post-1-1231692255.jpg

Eric from BIKEMAN did well to get us a new Dragon STEALTH pipe and silencer to test, arrived while we were having lunch - unfortunately our day was already over with our own sled so everyone will have to rely on Jim's test results

Attached Image: post-1-1231692315.jpg

We did our best to keep everyone calm with the Canadian Staple of COOR'S Light and Zaw for lunch, sorry Jim no PCIII no Lobster ferl you!!!!! rollinglaugh.gif

Attached Image: post-1-1231692413.jpg
Attached Image: post-1-1231692021.jpg

Bored out of our gords we were until the MAD SCIENTIST blew into Batavia - Rich 'the Tree Frog' Daley ( please don't let the following pics startle you, the man has hands larger than Andrea the GIANT )

Rich wheeled in fully clothed with his BiG Volume version shown here in a comparison pic - Rich these were supposed to be painted/coated and on Spenc's sled for blizzard drive home??? get to WORK!!!!

Attached Image: post-1-1231692630.jpg

Here's Rich's new DRAGON 800 Y pipe ( like new born baby's these parts are I swear ) here Rich cradles it in his massive Yetti Paws showing us as he described " the perfect progression " of the design, Rich kinda loses me at times with all his HP mumbo jumbo L! but it if makes HP - Giddy Up!!

Attached Image: post-1-1231692754.jpg

now show us the DYNO chart PROOF already thumbsup2.gif

thanks again to Jim for the invite down, was good to sneak away from the hell on earth atmosphere here at this very busy time of the season

Great meeting everyone!!!!!

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Posted 11 January 2009 - 07:17 PM

Another day on the lake , overall speeds were down 2mph across the board which we've seen over the years that speeds on the same setup can fluctuate up to 5-6mph due to barometic pressure, ice quality, etc etc Regardless for our purpose we only needed to see improvment or no improvement with our testing

Attached Image: post-1-1231719178.jpg

We wanted to test a different gear ratio today which was 23/35 ( steel gears ) with a 74 pitch chain which is a 1.52 ratio as compared to stock 25/40 1.60 ratio with 78 pitch chain. We wanted to see how the lighter overall gears and chain and stretched out ratio would affect two distances 660' and 1000' . Again we are conducting these tests for TRAIL RIDERS, so the sled is left in Trail Form in Trail Height etc. We added the 660' distance today because this we felt is where the lighter gear/chain weight and new ratio would shine. Lots of guys go the opposite way, perhaps to 1.70+ ratio's etc but we know from experience stretching out the gears while reducing overall size in the chaincase gets more HP to the track which improves times/mph by reducing track spin. When track spin is reduced quickly the sled is then moving forward thus allowing forward motion to pull the weight of the sled and rider easier. Don't put too much thought into this as far as thinking it can't be right those ratio's don't make sense, we've proved it for years on STALKER RADAR

Here's what we found -

with stock gearing , VFORCE 3 reeds , DYNO PORT Clutch kit, NGK BPR9EIX plugs

in 1000' - 103.2 mph

in 660' - 92.9 mph

with addition of New 1.52 ratio 74 pitch chain 23/35 gears ( steel )

in 1000' - 103.8 mph

in 660' - 94.5 mph

Notice how we picked up more mph in the shorter distance of 660'... this is where our knowledge from testing with the F7 build pays off. The F7 was light, so is the D8 comparitively speaking - light sleds can pull these stretched out ratio's whereas heavier sleds will fall / or bog

Now... having said that, without touching clutching we saw our RPM's fall today about a good 100 150 rpm...as soon as we made the switch in gear ratio's from 1.60 to 1.52, this is due to lugging the motor with the stretched out ratio. At 7900 today as opposed to 8050 (the last test day) the sled should have had a reduction in pin weight to bring the rpms back up to 8050, which would have improved both our MPH and ET in both distances. This would be an easy fix with the DALTON Quick Adjust Weights provided in the Dyno Port kit

All in all, we proved what we wanted and please note that with the saved weight of the smaller over all gears ( with weight in the chaincase spinning constantly ) we have provided more HP to the track, picked up MPH and ET in both 1000' and 660' ( great distances to test for TRAIL RIDERS ) PLUS our fuel milage will improve with this stretched out gear ratio as we proved on our F7. When our F7 was doing 124mph in stock form by using this theory above our gas milage was crazy...not one to calculate stuff like that but at any time we were out with other riders they were just SHOCKED at our fuel milage... all from making a sled more EFFICIENT!

There you have it with only 2 days on the ice we've proven the DYNO PORT clutch kit makes a 3mph improvement over stock clutching in 1000', now by adding a proven gear ratio we have improved fuel milage and ET's and further imroved over stock clutching with an additional close to 2mph in only 660'

that's haul'n a$$ any way you slice it



We would like to thank POWERMADD's Randy Shimanski for their support of all our in-house builds and especially with their very easy and safe to use POWERLIFT 'with' Shield ( both options shown here below ). This is an EXCELLENT product so thank you again Randy - U ROCK bowdown.gif

Make sure to check out all the great POWERMADD products here - http://www.powermadd.com/products/powerlift.html

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Posted 11 January 2009 - 09:12 PM

BIKEMAN Performance

Attached Image: post-1-1231726249.gif

Had a chance to test the new BIKEMAN ( BMP ) Dragon 800 silencer today. I'm personally not a big fan of silencer however they do have their value to lighten the front up which is great for trail riding.

here is what we found...

sound - nice, not too loud, deeper tone than stock with crisp bark at full throttle but not annoying.

weight - we know this from weighing earlier in the build, scroll back if you need exact weight but it's a considerable savings over stock

performance -

we tested the can with the new 23/35 1.52 gear ratio and here is what we found

in 1000' - 103 mph ... down a bit from stock silencer
in 660' - 94.5 mph exactly the same as stock

We never expect to gain any HP/MPH with silencers but in this case with a great sound and no loss in MPH in 660' and a very marginal loss in 1000', the BMP Dragon 800 silencer would be an excellent purchase for those who are interested in a more aggressive sound while reducing front end weight considerably which would make the sled more nimble on the trail

This would be a good purchase for trail riders thumbsup2.gif - We have these IN STOCK

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Posted 11 January 2009 - 10:18 PM

should add, that with leaner anti-freeze mixture sled is running cooler during testing.. will dilute some more before we get out again, have new snow flap but haven't added it yet prefer the shorter one if we can get temps under control by other means

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 01:39 PM

SPENCE howcome you havent done an all out top speed run with the clutch kit & new gearing, just 1000ft. I personally would have liked to see what the sled fully toped out @ with just the clutch kit, than with the gearing change. I want my sled to be faster on top for more than just 1000ft. Just wondering how the sled will push the new gearing high up on top speed or whatever.

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 02:26 PM

guess you'll have to purchase a clutch kit and do your own testing for distances over 1000', we were more concerned for trail guys, there are no trails around our region where you can run past 1000' full throttle without getting into serious trouble

time is "EXTREMELY" limited here, we feel we have already provided more information than any other vendor ever has - but again wouldn't matter if we were on the ice 24/7 you will NEVER make EVERYONE happy, we have to draw the line somewhere

Cheers and have FUN

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Posted 13 January 2009 - 03:30 PM

I AM HAPPY SPENCE. I have the dynoport clutch kit already,big air horn, and a pc3! it is a completely new sled. Got the daltons set at 72.7 but will test weight up and down to see what produces the most speed. I just wanted to know if it would slow me down on top top end with that gearing{if its too tall to push or somthing} Im puting that gearing combo in to see for my self but if you guys did a top mph test and it slowed it down @ top mph than i wouldnt bother. jUST because i ask a question doesnt mean i am unhappy with what you guys do or have done. relax dude. do you need a hug! hahaha

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 08:27 PM

DYNO PORT Dragon 800 Clutch kit trail test review

First day out on the trail with the new 23/35 ( 74 pitch chain ) gear combo and DYNO PORT Dragon 800 clutch kit.

This kit is 'incredible' and combined with the new gear combo (although not as snappy at low rpm throttle ) - it absolutely HAULS moonshine.gif over the stock set up and pulls far stronger top end

Backshifting is excellent and the power is so "SO" much stronger than stock clutching, it's a 'night & day' positive difference. Compared to our test APEX sled we're now pulling 'allot' stronger on top end, the Dragon now pulls away from the APEX clearly and earlier in the powerband. We were running out of room at times today on the trial but side by side duals were showing 102mph on loose washy snow before we had to back out for safety and it gets there QUICK!!. The extra 2mph we picked up in 660' in ice testing last weekend showed very positive today on the trail against the APEX. VERY surprised and happy with power to the track difference the DYNO PORT clutch kit is providing.

This was our first day on the trails ( NAVAN Ont area, Larose Forest ) and we didn't want any issues so for the first time we unplugged the premium/ethanol wires today. Even though running 91 premium with no ethanol I did not want the sled having any midrange lean problems from cruising at trail speed ( a # of midrange burndowns on STOCK mapped sleds have been reported lately - sleds burning down midrange ). We drive sleds HARD on the trail so throttle position was always up and down meaning slow in the corners full throttle pretty much everywhere else. Talked to Jim at DTR tonight after today's run and after telling Jim how well the sled ran today with the wire unplugged for the first time his thoughts were the VFORCE 3 reeds are most likely creating enough air flow improvement that the extra fuel provided by unplugging the wires while running on premium is providing the sled the extra fuel it needs for the extra airflow - pretty much common sense but without having had the opportunity to dyno the sled at DTR last weekend we are still shooting in the dark. Jim wants us to try the PCIII with the most updated maps to date and see how we make out. - THEN play around with plugging in and unplugging the wires again.

the sled worked VERY strong today. buttrock.gif

Our product recommendations to date - DYNO PORT Dragon 800 Clutch kit , VFORCE 3 reeds, run 91 premium gas, NGK Iridium BPR9EIX plugs and take out the stock dash air vent FOAM. Run stock pipe with DYNO PORT clutch kit's DALTON Adjustable weights at 71.2 grams - adjust from there. Today our rpm's were down a bit with the Carlisle XS809 belt to 7900-8000 - sled pulled VERY hard in this rpm range.

CARLISLE Ultimax XS809 Belt trail test review

- First trail test of the XS809 belt today and it worked flawlessly.... perhaps down a bit in rpm from stock POLARIS belt but felt as strong. Very little belt dust have 100+ miles, was not the same length as stock as the clutch was screaching on install however belt deflection adjustment shores that up

Very impressed for the value, this makes an excellent alternative to the very pricey stock belt unit. Can't say how they will hold up long term compared to stock but for our testing today was very impressed 080402cool_prv.gif

CURVE XS trail ski test

- Cannot get enough of these skis, they absolutely flat out ROCK!! Trail manners today were awesome! With the CURVE XS skis you point -you go, and with total confidence - it's that simple! They corner very flat and predictable and the front of the sled just stays solidly planted in all types of terrain.

Very impressed! will use the USI SS Railers later in the winter for radar but for trail our CURVE XS skis are staying on the sled!!

Have to talk a bit about the sled itself from the trail testing today. Without question this is a FUN sled to drive, it feels shorter/smaller than it is and it's SMALL to begin with. The seating position is perfect and 'again' the front end on this sled just EATS up anything you can throw at it, just unreal. Having said that , the rear skid on this sled in our humble opinion is really LACKING - I'm a light rider, probably 175lbs max suited up and find this rear skid regardless of adjustment bucking a bit too much and on too many occassions 'bottoming out'. All rider reports indicating that the rear SP skid does not feel balanced with the front SP suspension are 'accurate' in our findings. Perhaps reason why POLARIS is going with a new rear mono-shock rear suspension for 2010 ( at least that's what is rumored ). When we put the sled on the trailer at days end today I found myself saying, "IF Polaris could put a great rear skid under this sled to match the incredible front end it would be AMAZING!!"

FUEL milage/gas consumption - although I have never measured out fuel use to the drop and really could care less about mpg we have to say that this sled for what it is is a "HOG" on fuel! Even with our gearing combo which would be better on fuel than the stock 1.60 ratio gearing it's still horrible! Now having said that, anyone that's witnessed my driving (whether on ice or trail ) knows it's pretty much FULL THROTTLE at all times however the sled should still provide decent fuel milage and from what we seen today compared to the APEX or other 2 stroke sleds of similar displacement it was 'bad' - see NOT GOOD

Oil consumption however was very reasonable today so our pump we'll leave where it's set

Operating temps are remaining reasonable at 120-125 degree's during trail riding. This is after diluting our anti-freeze mixture. We'll dilute the mixture further to get closer to the 60/40 ratio where it should be, however we'd have to agree on removing the thermostat completely on this model. In our opinion the time it takes this sleds operating temps to increase when not in sufficient snow is too short and feel the over-all coolant system on this sled is very insufficient/non-efficient. Removing the thermostat completely will allow faster flow through the restrictive cooling tubing

HAVE FUN flag_canada.gif flag_usa.gif

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 09:44 AM


Now that APEX AL is looking at our 'snow flap' it's time to get even more serious about SPEED. ( AL is currently digging through the yami treasure chest of 'kadinggahs' trying to come up with a knock-out punch )

Yes we have our Dragon haul'n moonshine.gif for nothing more than VForce 3 reeds and NGK Iridium plugs but we'll continue to take this ride to new heights over the next 2 months.

We would like to thank Kevin, Chris, Pam & Rick at USI skis for their continued support of what we do here at 2KOOL Performance with our SLED-WERX Racing Division and Canada's FROZEN THUNDER Snowmobile Forums. USI respects and appreciates our positive role in the industry in providing extensive, honest, and accurate hands on testing & promotion of products that work! flag_usa.gif flag_canada.gif

We'll have a report on how well these skis work on the Dragon 800SP shortly after some aggressive trail running. We already know we've picked up a few MPH on top end now that the 'ss railers' are bolted to the chassis. We've proved these skis add mph on STALKER Radar many times and clients all over North American have used them in radar runs with incredible success.

Our ss railers are equipped with STUD BOY 6" shaper bars for aggressive trail. We advise running a 6" round bar carbide for serious top end radar runs however. Special thanks to STUD BOY traction products for their continued support as well! bowdown.gif

Make sure to check out all the great USI products here - http://www.usi-skis.com/

Thanks again Kev cheers.gif

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Posted 24 January 2009 - 06:21 PM

Snuck out today for a bit , enough to get Rebecca some trail time on the PROJECT XTX buid. Was VERY cold, not enjoyable at all really but we got a chance to test the USI 'SS Railer' skis on the DRAGON. Here is what we found

these skis are VERY aggressive, so much so we would opt for ROUND bar carbide over the 6" Shaper Bars we are using. On this sled model the round bar would be adequate. I'm a very aggressive driver so I thought they handled excellent but for most round bars would provide a bit smoother, more predictable ride I'm sure.

The ss railer skis worked great and for any speed runs we'll be using this ski without question however we'll be switching out to round bar carbides for the trail once the Shaper Bars wear down. In this specific application these ski's would be nice FOR TRAIL with round bars.

again on the CURVE XS ski's on this sled the Shaper Bars are a PERFECT match/fit.

Having diluted our coolant mixture to an appropriate ratio we're still seeing normal riding times ( with all kinds of cooling available ) to 130-133 degree's. Again it must be the design of the cooling exchangers and the way the coolant lines are routed that is causing the temps to be up this high. Come March this sled will be running VERY HOT. Looks like we'll be pulling our thermostat here shortly. Might a well have left the KOOLER looking short snow flap on as temps have not changed much since going back to the 2 scoops of raisins Trucker Pete 5' stock beaver tail flap

still tweaking the project sled, was running strong again today and the Dyno Port clutch kit kept our rpms BANG ON at 7900. Sled with stock pipe loves this rpm. Couldn't test another tweek we've made to the sled today against our test sled because APEX AL is "DOWN" with a 102 degree cranium temperature from some miserable flu bug that's going around... sucks to work all week then be laid up on the weekends losing sled time - feel for your AL
( non - homo )

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Posted 25 January 2009 - 07:12 PM

we are now selling the DYNO PORT Clutch kits as a Stage 1 and
Stage 2. This will be an exclusive with SLED-WERX Racing from our in-field STALKER test proven MPH improvement results

here's the breakdown of the clutch kits.

stage 1 $399 CAD
featuring New
DALTON QAP3 Adjustable Weights, custom cut 2 angle TEAM LW ER helix, Delrin washer & TEAM primary spring

stage 2 $569 CAD
featuring our field tested 23/35 gear combo with 74 pitch chain . Haul the mail past 1000' and give all 800's and up an eyefull on top end!

email sales@2koolperformance.ca with full name, full ship to address and contact # for quotes to your door with payment options cheers.gif

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Posted 27 January 2009 - 04:24 PM

Nice job, and great info as well..keep it up spenc !!!
When hell freezes over,, i will ride their too!!!

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Posted 31 January 2009 - 11:45 AM

was out last night for a good run, very mild temps much milder than we've seen during test trail riding thus far and the sled was a MESS map wise, fouled a couple plugs, barked, coughed, spit sputtered ran like absolute garbage, ate fuel like crazy - just unacceptable performance for a brand new POLARIS sled unless totally mashing on it to get through all the hesitation/stumbles

VERY unimpressed with POLARIS CFI to this point, it's like they took the entire summer off instead of getting this sled's map'd woes perfected before pushing these units on to the consumers. Most likely they've been watching DTR like hawks - all Jim's work paving the easy road for a 'quick fix' to keep us all calm in now providing a re-flash

looks like PCIII time for our FUEL HOG here, if left be these sleds will be brutal to ride in milder MARCH temperature.

COOLING system is also very poor, heats up to quick cools down too slow , seems like the exchangers are too then or of poor overall design with no fins?? Boy POLARIS tech guys reading you might want to give a call, time to get your head of the sand and start putting out sleds that are actually 'worth' list price!

clutched and geared and running full throttle the sleds a rocket but for mid mph trail riding it needs allot of work

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#85 800 DRAGON


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Posted 01 February 2009 - 09:45 PM

+2 today did 175 miles ran awesome did get to 130 degrees a couple of times
got 130 miles on a tank of fuel had 0 problems with run ability .Hit 4000 miles
haven't even fouled a set of plugs to date .

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Posted 02 February 2009 - 08:21 AM

Very happy for 800 DRAGON. You got a good one there because that's certainly not the norm from all our client reports and calls in for help etc the stock mapping on this sled is very poor for this day and age

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Posted 04 February 2009 - 11:40 AM

so I got to ride the Project Dragon 800sp this past Saturday & Sunday - a much different ride from my Nytro - found it very easy to maneuver on the trails - found the rear end alot looser than my sled and as I don't weigh a whole heck of a lot it threw my butt around quite a bit - after I got used to the difference I felt very comfortable riding it - also had to keep my eye out on the temperature - managed not to foul any plugs and the temp stayed at reasonable levels - it's a very fun sled to ride especially on the very long straight stretches of the trails we were on - can't wait to get out again this weekend!!

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Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:25 PM

Do you think that mabey the reason why you where fouling plugs that one day might of had to do with the tall gearing you installed loading up and richening up the motor?

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 06:16 AM

flag_canada.gif do you have a new developement whit the dragon ?
your best top end ? (radar run )?????

new developement part for the performance ? stirthepot.gif stirthepot.gif sledder.gif

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Posted 12 February 2009 - 08:35 PM

?????????????? thumbsup2.gif bowdown.gif bowdown.gif cheers.gif

spenc ? where are you ? do you test day after day 080402cool_prv.gif 080402cool_prv.gif