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Posted 19 September 2003 - 04:49 PM

Dr. Jeckel – Mr. Hyde
I was having problems with my clear coat on my car. The left side had been distorted from my magnetic decals after being in the hot sun and rain at the “All Ford Show” in July catwins2.png . Not knowing where to turn, I finally went to 2Koolperformance where Brent worked his magic. He found the problem and using some compounding and a high-speed polisher, carefully brought back the entire clear coat to its normal state. He then suggests that he does the rest of the left side of the car with a 3-step finish. Compounding, swirl removal, then applying 303. I was amazed with the 1st two steps, but I was astounded when the 303 started going on. It brought everything back to new and this is a 14-year old Mustang LX with original paint. Well that did it; I was having the whole car done. I am now hooked on 303, I have gone to cruise nights & people who have seen the car before asked when I got the car painted. I now apply it to my rims; a light buffing and even my monster Cobra brakes can’t leave brake dust on them. joy.gif joy.gif Even my neighbours are so impressed that they are having Brent do their 2003 RVA 4 and 1995 Toyota with 303.
Thanks Dude you have cut my work in half in keeping the car clean howyoudoin.gif . Imagine what your new car will look like if 303 turns Dr. Jeckel into Mr. Hyde. Take it to 2Kool and let Brent work his magic. 303 Rules!!! buttrock.gif

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