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Mike Lander's 89 Stang

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Posted 02 January 2005 - 02:42 PM

This month's 2KOOL FEATURE RIDE comes to us from Mike Landers, a good friend we met a few years ago at the FUN FORD weekend Series event in Epping, New Hampshire. Who would have 'thunk it', that we'd be FEATURING Mike's beautiful ride "here" only a few years later.

There's a story behind this car that means alot to those involved with 2KOOL PERFORMANCE. It's a story, a reality check, of how far we've come in a short period. ( and 'no', I'm not break'n down over here :P )

Four years ago, at the FUN FORD Weekend Series event in Epping New Hampshire, we met this cars owner for the first time. I'll never forget setting up 1FUN TOY, (that we were driving to events back then), and looking up to see Mike pulling in with his Copper Pony. Ironically, like ours is now, it was trailered in, but when you see cars of that level, you soon realize why. Endless hours and finances go into these rides to get them to a National winning level, and when Mike pulled in that day, I knew he had a car that stood out amoungst the field without question. My jaw just dropped, as I couldn't believe the color on his wild ride. Even from afar, if you're eyes were looking in even a remote direction towards Mike's car your vision was instantly drawn to it. After meeting Mike, I was more impressed with the cars owner. Mike was a real character, and to this day I'm still rib'n him about his Brooklyn NY accent. Most certainly a 'wise guy', Mike and his cousin's infectious laugh have kept us in stitches at these events each year since the first time we met.

I remember the awards presentation that day four years ago. I was standing in the back, when they called Mike's name last to receive the BEST OF SHOW award. The big Kahoona of National Mustang Show Car Awards. I remember the FUN FORD staff taking pictures of all the winners and how happy I was for everyone. I had placed in the event on the previous day, and knew there was alot to do to 1FUN TOY, to be where Mike was on 'that' day. Close to 6' tall, I was just in awe of that big MONSTER trophy, and so happy for Mike, as his car was simply amazing. A perfectly detailed example of what FOX bodies 'could' look like with some time and dedication. I left that show that year and for the next 11 months I worked night and day on my own project. I now kid Mike as 3 time winner of that same event, and as webs collect on 3 of those Monster trophies here tucked away, I quickly remember it's not the prize that means the most, it's the experience. it's been a blast to compete with and against Mike on a National level, and we certainly wish him all the best with any projects he's most likely moved on to. :nice:

To give you an idea of this guys personality, two years ago when we won the award for the 1st time, Mike had won Best Engine, "and" Best Interior, two 4ft trophies! Mike, as only he can put it, leans over to me when we they annoucned we had won the BEST OF SHOW, and says..

"Hey Spenc, I still got ya. I've got 8 feet total of trophies ova heee, you only got 6' Bro's"

Well Mike.. here we are today, and I know you'll see this sometime, so I wanted you to know what an honor it is for me personally to be featuring your wild 89 Stang here at 2KOOL. The car is absolutely beautiful from every angle imaginable. Certainly worthy of all it's success and multiple magazine features!

Amazing Car Bro's! Keep in touch!

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Posted 03 April 2005 - 11:29 AM

* NOTE: All pics of past 2KOOL FEATURE rides, can be seen on our main sites home page at http://2koolperformance.ca/flashindex.htm , by clicking on the GALLERIES icon in the top left hand tool bar ( above 'dude' our biz mascot )

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