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How to pull a 5.0L Engine

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Posted 30 March 2005 - 07:17 PM

Ok guys I know I have been slack on getting this up, but some of you may find it useful.

To start you will need:

1) Basic Tool Kit
2) Fuel Line Diconnect Tool (or a good sharp razor blade :P)
3) Jack
4) Jack Stands
5) Fluid Catcher (bucket, pan etc)
6) Trouble light really helps too.

Let's start off by removing the hood and setting it in a place that is out of the way, that way it wont get banged up on you. Removing the hood is simple, just remove the 4 bolts that hold it on at the hinges (2 per side). It is a good idea to have a buddy help you out with this part.

Next, discomnnect and remove the battery(gonna take the engine out might as well get the battery out of the way too)

Now that you have some space to work, you can start unplugging any wires that will be ramaining in the engine bay. To start disconnect the Ignition Module on the front of your distributor. Next Unplug the Ten Pins(located on the back of the Upper intake one is white and one is black). Under neath the sending unit(driver side of the block) you will have a ground wire that can come off. Also note on the other side some of the wires that run to the starter and O2 are bolted to a harness on the passenger side of the block remove the harness bolt. Undo the plug wire from your coil. Take a double check and make sure all wires that are going to remain are unbolted from the engine.

Next we can remove the throttle cable, and the vacuum lines that go to the tree at the back of the engine bay. (As well as any lines running to the EGR if you have one) Remove the heater core coolant lines, disconnect the breather line from the charcol filter box (passenger side frame rail) These are the baics and should only take 10-15 minutes to do.

Now lets drain the radiator and remove the rad. Rad removal is simple, just remove the two clamps that hold it on. Disconnect the 2 fuel lines on the passenger side of the engine using the fuel line disconnect tool, or by cutting the rubber hose with a blade(you can re-splice later)

Next jack up the car and support it on jack stands, the higher the better. I find it easier to remove the front tires for crawling around under the front of the car, but that is personal opinion.

Now that the car is safely support with the e-brake on and the rear tires blocked, remove the exjaust from the h-pipe back. Depending on how long the exhuast has been on the car it may take some force to brake the header bolts free. Once the exhaust is off, move it out of the way and crawl back under the car. Next step is to remove the starter. With the starter out of the way we can remove the bellhousing bolts 6 in total, plus two at the very bottom that hold the dust plate on. The top bolts can be tricky depending on the size of your hands, I didn't have to use any swivel extensions, but you may find it easier to do so. While you are still underthe car you can disconnect the clutch cable. Also note you may have an oil sensor in the oil pan if so disconnect that.

Next remove the engine mount bolts on each side. These may require the use of a strong bar. Once they are out, get ready to hook up the chain falls or engine hoist. Seems too simple doesn't it?:P

Make one final check to be sure all wires and hoses have been disconnected. Hook the chain fall to the engine and begin to lift. While lifting gently rock the engine from side to side and front to back once it has cleared the motor mounts. There are 2 dowel pins on the tarnny that have to seperate(sometimes you will have to use a little gentle prying with a pry bar or flat head screwdriver.)

Once these are free, keep raising the engine until it will clear the car and move the car or stand out of the way. lower the enigine onto an engine stand or an old tire(poor man's engine stand). Congrats you have just pulled a 5.0L engine.

It is possible I may have missed a few wires that need to be disconnected I am doing this all from memory while I type this up. If so please feel free to PM me and I will make an changes.

Once you have pulled the engine more than once, there is no reason that you can not have it out in less then 1.5 hours. (well maybe you need more then one time but it is possible, I have seen it done in less then an hour with 2 guys)