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How to Clean/Tighten your 10 pins

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Posted 27 November 2004 - 06:36 PM

Ok the Multi pin harness more commonly called the 10 pin connectors is located on the back of your upper intake next to the EGR Spacer(Stock intakes). The 10 pin connectors are the major intersectin point of your cars wiring harness under the hood. Basiclly the major sensors and other various under hood wiring runs through this junction point before going to the EEC.

Reasons for cleaning the 10 pins can be numerous, including but not limited to, better gas milage, better idle, better acceleration, overall better vehicle performance. I have heard so many stories of people trying to fingure out a problem on their car for weeks to only come up empty handed. Seems when a lot of them cleaned and tightened the 10 pins, the problems went away.

To start with rmove the 10 pins from the back of the Upper Intake, they are held on there with a plastic lock clip on the top and bottom. Remove the top clip and the bottom clip will unlock very easy.

Next thing is to disocnnect the connectors, once they are disconnected, you can use a contact cleaner(that is safe for electrcal) and spary the connections.

Each end of the connector is either a male or a female. To tighten, grab the female end and close the gap a small amoount. This makes for better contact with the male end, and no worries of cutting out from bumps and rough driving.

Re-connect the harness and re-clip the 10 pins back in place and you are done.

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